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Eric says, "There is no question that the PlayStation VR2 is an excellent device, with bright, clear images driven by a much stronger machine than it's predecessor. Every aspect of the experience, from setup to sound, from controllers to comfort, has been dramatically improved; it may be the very best consumer-level VR device on the market. The only outstanding question is whether Sony will back up this fabulous new gadget with a strong enough library of games to justify its existence. "

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Babadook784d ago (Edited 84d ago )

9/10. Great score but it should have been a 10 in my opinion. Best in class.

“There is no doubt that the image provided by the PS VR2 is a massive improvement over its predecessor and is maybe the best on the market. I won’t go into the specifics of the image quality PS VR2 is capable of; you can find all of that data here if you are interested. The OLED screens offer up such a nicer range of color and deep blacks compared to many other headsets these days that are still using LCD panels.”

And on top of that screen quality you’ve got foveated rendering allowing for ps5 to punch above its weight in terms of rendering ability. And those great sense controllers. I’ll say it again. Should be 10/10.