Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack skates onto Spotify to make your playlist great

Xbox Game Pass smash hit Hi-Fi Rush contains a library of pure bops and now the Hi-Fi Rush soundtrack can streamed over and over again on Spotify and more.

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anast82d ago

This game needs something, user number have dipped below 1000.

Asplundh82d ago

Another comment about user count from you. Does praise of an Xbox exclusive upset you so much that you have to go check the user count when there's a positive article submitted about the game so that you can post a comment to try and downplay it?

anast82d ago

Thanks for following my comments...Well kind of...It's a bit more random for me. I don't really have all of this planned out.

Obscure_Observer82d ago

This game is already a classic.

Looking forward for more of Chai and his gang. Love Hi-Fi Rush.

gangsta_red81d ago

Absolutely! One of the most charming and fun game I've played in a long time