TEKKEN 8 - Paul Gameplay Trailer

Fighting is a skill he has mastered with hair--err flair.Paul punches back in

gangsta_red86d ago

Damn, Tekken 8 is just oozing style

masterfox86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

his haircut/face looks F#$%YIG HORRENDOUS!!!!!

Seriously Namco fix his face! ......oh no!! is going to be DLC!!!

Bathyj86d ago

I just can't get into fighting games anymore. Everything is DLC.

Abnor_Mal86d ago

Ever since Paul would always win against me in Tekken2 at the Statue of Liberty, I decided to learn his moves by playing as him to better fight against him.

Paul went on to become my favorite fighter to use, followed by Yoshimistu then Hiachi. Both Paul and Yoshi had like a hundred plus moves by Tekken7, I could never pull of a ten hit combo though.

Deathdeliverer86d ago

This game and street fighter 6 going to save us from the mediocrity in fighters lately. Hwoarang trailer when?

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