A Look at Morality in Video Games

Games are the perfect means to test a person’s morality. Give players the power and privilege to behave and act as they please and you should see a range of responses to every situation, small insights into what a person is really like.

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anast85d ago

I favorited this article. It looks interesting, but it needs more time than a skimming can provide.

Tacoboto85d ago

How can someone write an article about morality in gaming but not mention The Last of Us Part 1 and 2 at all?
Part 2 directly deals with the moral dilemma of Joel's decision from Part 1's ending, Abby's journey of revenge against what Joel did, and Ellie's journey of revenge against what Abby did.

It's gaming's most focused effort in narrative of dealing with the consequences of the playable characters' actions, and because of what happened to the main character of Part 1 in Part 2 it created such vitriol in the discussion of the game, in all terms of gamer entitlement, the game's story, marketing, the falsehoods about certain characters in particular, and the immorality that extended outside of the game itself to death threats against the studio, its developers, and even the actors of the characters.