New Forspoken update available now: here’s what’s included

The latest update to the game adds refined visuals, reworked targeting and quality of life improvements galore.

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spoonard82d ago

Completely re-written dialogue?

jznrpg82d ago

If you play it in Japanese the voice acting is much better . But that’s coming from someone who watches anime and prefers Japanese voices in general.

I do enjoy English Voice acting from time to time but it has to be the best (I find
English voice acting to be cheesy in general) and is usually made with English in mind first .

The gameplay is good I just wish it was a little longer of a game.

repsahj82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Good thing they improve the lighting, it looks more realistic now than the previous patch.

ActualEngineer82d ago

I will be interested once I see a "'s what's excluded" post, and it announces the exclusion of 90% of the dialogs and the whole fempower BS.

RaiderNation81d ago

"the whole fempower BS."

That shit ain't going anywhere, my friend. Might as well get used to it.

Psychotica81d ago

It will go away when enough people stop buying it