Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Gameplay RTX 4090 - Max Settings 4K Ray Tracing ON

CG writes: In this video, we take the RTX 4090 for a spin with the just released Resident Evil 4 Remake demo on PC. As you can see, we run the game at their optimal settings with ray tracing enabled and in native 4K resolution. As always, you can see the uncapped framerate in the top left corning which hovers around the 100 fps mark with the GPU maxing out its usage. Resident Evil 4 Remake releases on March 24th for consoles and PC.

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Vits83d ago

Almost an average of 120 frames at 4K maximized with RT enabled. Given recent AAA games, that is a solid performance. Hopefully, it scales down well.

shadowhaxor82d ago

The RE Engine has been rock solid, as Capcom has been putting in the work, unlike some developers who have jumped to the Unreal Engine.

Flewid63882d ago

Sadly the wackest implementation of it has been with SF6. Fighting games always getting the short end of the stick with graphics & budget.

shadowhaxor82d ago

I do like UE4 and UE5, but as we've been seeing, the game engine requires developers to know their stuff, otherwise, there are performance issues.

I'm perhaps the biggest PC gaming advocate out there, and I understand how hard it is due to the countless configurations, but as of late, UE has been having lots of issues.

Sonic188182d ago (Edited 82d ago )

He's using an intel 5-13600K processor. That's impressive. I'm using an Intel 9-13900K processor with a RTX 4090 and pushing 144fps on my Gigabyte M28U. But it's not going higher than that with v-sync turned off???. Maybe my monitor is really limited to 144fps

Stanjara82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

V-sync means game locks to your refresh rate.
Oh, maybe I feel for that because your pc spec are so insane, it's impossible that you don't know what v sync is.

Sonic188182d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I know what Vsync is. I'm saying I'm only getting 144 fps with a rtx 4090. If a monitor and a game are having trouble syncing up, then VSync can lower your frame rate significantly to try to find a point where they can. That can lead to input lag and stuttering increases, which worsens the gaming experience. That's why I said I had it turned off and I was still only getting 144 fps using a rtx 4090 and I9 13900K

bangoskank82d ago

Capcom has been doing and amazing job optimizing its games on PC. Village ran at something around 100 FPS on max settings with RT enabled on my 6800 XT. RE4 demo ran at about 75 on max with medium RT settings. Both games also look incredible. We need more competent devs like Capcom.

camel_toad82d ago

"We need more competent devs like Capcom."

Definitely. PC games can be so iffy especially if it's multi-platform. I really appreciate the teams that don't take the lazy route.

Good-Smurf82d ago

Even my Ho Hum RTX 3080Ti Laptop can run the demo at 1440p native with mostly smooth 60 fps at maxed settings and RT High On.
Pretty optimized Engine.

mandf82d ago

It's on the Xbox tab too because the game is coming for consoles too