Exoprimal Suits up for Launch on July 14, Play the Open Beta Next Week

Greetings, Exofighters! Capcom’s newest IP Exoprimal is launching on July 14, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. You’ll also be able enjoy this online team-based action game on day one with Xbox Game Pass for consoles, Windows, and Cloud.

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darthv7280d ago

This seems suited for game pass....

Lightning7780d ago

Uh oh MS has marketing rights for this game!

In all seriousness yeah it's live service. The whole point of LS games are player counts.Of course GP offers just that. Player counts.

Godmars29080d ago

Which suggest the issue with Game Pass: not all games are sited for it.

Its may be great for "popcorn" games and older titles with more depth, the "big" games many of which come out as piecemeal DLC/season passes and MTs - if that content come included with the subscription - once normal retail values been rung dry, but not EVERYTHING day one where much if not most of the profitability those separate games depend on/are effected by a singular subscription pool.

onisama80d ago

the games that fit for it is games that players want to play on the service, not what other platform fans want it to be thinking they are the protectors of gaming...just sub to the service if your intrested in it or just don't, stop crying for god sake (not you their is no god that goes to toilet)

Vits80d ago

Personally, I see "perfect for Game Pass" being those games that alone would likely struggle to find an audience. Either because they are weird/different or because the game itself is hard to sell with traditional means like trailers.

Lightning7780d ago

"big" games many of which come out as piecemeal DLC/season passes and MTS"

Wo Long, Atomic Heart, Monster Hunter the upcoming MLB The Show, Guilty Gear Strive and Ni No Kuni 2 aren't MTX peace meal games. It's like all ppl do is sit around making up there owns news...

Games of all types hit Gamepass. That's been the case for awhile now.

onisama79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Wait till the "i m rich and i buy my games you should do too to support the devs"
You do it i want to support them by playing on gamepass! Its my choice not yours and i m sure the devs are swimming in money to actually not care about unite sold numbers and put their games day 1
So everyone wins, if you got money to spend try charity their is actually people living on streets or lost body parts in turkey/syria now im sure they will appreciate it more

And buy dlcs to support games you likes in case yoh want extra support

Godmars29079d ago

"Games of all types hit Gamepass. That's been the case for awhile now."

Its also been the complaint.

Also not all games hit GP. Not day one of retail release.

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