Starfield’s latest tease shows that Bethesda is embracing its fantasy roots

On the one hand, their space bound epic depicts a realistic sci-fi future. On the other, it’s got a big swirly thing in it.

onisama79d ago

im so excited for this game, i just love the soundtracks and love it when games give you the freedom of exploring and costumization,also im a big nerd of having so many ways to build my character, it gives me feel like not everyone had my same experience and i can replay the game and have a different approach, you may laugh at me but i really dont like cinematic games where i have to do what devs want me to do they make me feel like i can just watch the game on youtube and finish the game watching because i can do the same thing (this is why games like unchearted always was a hard swallow for me)

EvertonFC79d ago

I like both cinematic and open world tbh. I have a mate who literally ONLY plays Skyrim as he says the other games are rinse and repeat.
I've said to him after so many years (7000 hrs) surely Skyrim is boring now too ?

onisama79d ago

bathesda games are nearly timeless thanks to the modding community i remembet spending lot of times adding spells AIs quests graphic improvement and experimenting with funny mods ...till date mods are dropping daily on Nexus which is crazy !!! i dont blame your friend for spending 7000 hrs as long as he enjoy the game, starfield will mostly get the same treatment and built to support modding community (over 1000 planets to explore its clearly them inviting modders to create their continents and contents)
this is why i will wait 4 months after release to start the game as i always like to add weapons that fit with the world and are balanced also anything that improve the exploration and some cosmetics that fit

and after finishing the game i can start adding mods with those sweet star war mass effect start trek..mods and go crazy

Lightning7779d ago

"I like both cinematic and open world tbh."

Isn't that what Suicide Squad and the Avengers games tried to achieve? Open world and cinematic?

The3faces79d ago

Exactly 💯. Starfield is gonna be epic can't wait!

onisama79d ago

all those blue fans downvoting you for being exited for a game is just pure N4G

isarai79d ago


Pretty sure he's down voted because his take on linear games is dumb.

S2Killinit79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

You mean fans who used to be able to play a game like this but now can’t because MS pulled a shit move? Yeah, those fans are not fans anymore. So don't expect them not to downvote.

That aside, I personally don't think what they’ve shown has been all that great. A lot of smoke and mirror so far.

Obscure_Observer79d ago

"Starfield is gonna be epic can't wait!"

Me and you both!

So many planets to explore, places to discover, stories to be told, many secrets and mysteries to uncover, ancient and future technology to find, enemies to fight, factions to join, "people" to met, friends to make, things to learn, places to live, beautiful vistas to behold... the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully Bethesda will deliver the ultimate Sci-Fi experience in videogames for us.

Pickledpepper79d ago

So was it a sh*t move when Sony brought out naught dog? And kept all games from other platforms.
No one is stopping anyone from playing any game but the fan boys themselves.
I prefer xbox over playstation but I own both because I like some of the games on playstation.

onisama79d ago

Bro your comment is so..... Hypocrite... I know you know they know.. Sony took lot of studios that was 3rd party and takes lot of 3rd party games as exclsuives including iconic IPs (spiderman, FF, silent hill, SFV...)

This is a new IP and this is just a little of sony own medicines

Lightning7779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

"You mean fans who used to be able to play a game like this but now can’t because MS pulled a shit move? "

But everything is good in the neighborhood when Sony keeps games to themselves through 3rd party games that are said to be "Timed" but instead stay on PS? If MS never bought Bethesda the game would of been "timed" on PS because they wanted this game only on PS5. Trust me you and your fanboy friends would be happy and dancing in the streets if that happened. That or you'll fiercely justify why it's good to have it only on PS.

Tired of the hypocrisy of Sony fans every single second of the day.

onisama79d ago


Count me in! Actually its not sony that pi** me off, neither reasonable fans
But some fanboys are just from another multiverse, if sony screwed other platforms they say how good for gamers is this and for devs but if other does it its HARAM and bad, but even more is defending anticonsumer acts! This were i beleive ps fans are under some illusion? You say like what (making 70$ a standard + 70$ remasters + increase console prices+ no backeard compatibility which is funny as xbox series s runs emulators of ps1 and 2... Charging for ps4 games to be working on ps5 as next gen upgrade.....) corporation does what they need to do and thats investing, higher profit, lower costs
I swear im willing to sale my xbox right now if PS give me better deal on ps plus (not 20$/month for old games)

Charlieboy33379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@Pickledpepper Ummmmm so what games were Naughty Dog making for Xbox that you all lost when Sony bought them? Oh that's right, NONE.

Xbox lost sweet fuckall. Did you hear Playstation gamers bitch when Microsoft bought Playground Games? you know why? Because Playstation players also lost sweet fuckall because they were making Xbox only games anyway.

What games were Bethesda making before Microsoft bought them, that are now lost to Playstation when they would have been on Playstation before? ALL OF THEM.

Do you see the difference? Are you able to? Can you try really really hard to think about it for one second?

shinoff218378d ago (Edited 78d ago )


One naughty dog was a studio. I'm also sure they never ever made a game for another system before Sony even bought them. Nice try though. Ms bought multiplatform publishers. Sony buying naughty dog didn't take any games off ms table. Where's the bethsada deal definitely did

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shinoff218378d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Onisama u ou must be extremely young.

There's a place for linear and open world games. I like both. JusT depends on what im in the mood for. Your close minded well simply cause ms can't touch Sony on really the game side of things hence the reason to buy multiplatform publihers.

Despite all that closer to starfields release I'll get an x and be enjoying starfield right there with ya.

Gamer7578d ago

In your comment where you said that you don't think that ND made any games for other systems before they were brought by Sony you are incorrect as they were known as JAM Software and made games for Apple II, DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Sega Mega Drive & Genesis.
Their first game for PS was 1996 .

onisama78d ago

Yeah extremely young in my 30s, actually the young folks are attached to linear games more and cinematic games with lot of cutscene and minimum gameplay freedom...
Actually only grow ups are into RPG and RTS genre

seanpitt2379d ago

It's a shame it's not coming to playstation but it's not enough for me to buy an Xbox if Microsoft had 3 or 4 games of this stature I might be tempted or even get an PC

ZeroX987679d ago

Cheapest option would be to play it via xcloud if you have a great internet speed. I've been able to enjoy some of MS titles for an extremely low price without the need for an xbox since they added the Xcloud option.

jznrpg79d ago

Maybe at the end of the gen there will be . Maybe . Redfall looks very passable . Indiana Jones maybe ? Not much else I can think of that they are offering that’s noteworthy . You could say ES6 in however many years that might be next gen and maybe Hellblade 2 but they have a long way to go from the first one especially combat wise . The first one Looked pretty story was interesting combat was below average .

Snookies1279d ago

There's Fable 4 and Perfect Dark as well, although we haven't seen anything on those... I really hope they turn out well... Always loved the concept of Fable, and found them to be fun games. Despite the fact that they never really lived up to their potential. Perfect Dark was one of the greatest FPS ever made. Fingers crossed they don't screw it up!

shinoff218378d ago

Starfield is it for me. Fallout if it makes this Gen which I feel it has to. Some sci fi rpg from obsidian or inxile but yea mostly starfield at this point. State of decay 3 would be dope. That's about it. Kind of a wait and see on the 3rd party exclusives deals they got cause I prefer physical I'd just buy them on my ps.