Third Party Drum Kit has Exquisite 360 D-Pad

$40 will get you a great Xbox 360 arcade controller (and some drum pads to go with it).

Still looking for the perfect Xbox 360 d-pad for all those Live Arcade classics? Well Ars Technica may have stumbled on the answer, although it's not the most efficient (or cheapest) solution: Turns out the Mad Catz Portable Drum Kit just happens to have a d-pad controller remarkably similar to an old Super Nintendo pad.

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I Call 9MM4198d ago

Okay, if Mad Catz can make a D-Pad similar to Nintendo's own, then why can't a company like Microsoft? Seriously, all those 3rd party companies and unlicensed companies make them, how do they get away with it, while Microsoft continues to use that useless design of it's own?

Rhoic4198d ago

I absolutely love the design of the 360's controller.. it's phenomenal. The only thing I don't like is the D-pad.

I Call 9MM4198d ago

Oh hey I think the rest of the controller is awesome, it's just that the D-Pad is so crappy. Microsoft should have tried to license Sega's design or something so they could of had something half decent. Really makes pulling off moves in fighting games hard.