A More Powerful Steam Deck Is Years Away, Valve Says

It appears that Valve is in no rush to release a more powerful version of its Steam Deck just yet. Currently, the Steam Deck can run over 8,000 games spanning indie titles to more hardware-intense games such as Elden Ring and Cyberpunk 2077.

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blackblades79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Yeah I know they said that last year. They said something about oled screen, better battery etc probably like a every 6 years maybe less

_SilverHawk_79d ago

Lol, it's a pc so I expect another steam deck within the next two years or so.

blackblades79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

But its not your typical pc, its a handheld pc of steam. The lowest time I would give it would be 3 1/2 years to 4 years. Also i think they said they don't want to flood the market with multiple with different models over a set amount of time.

F0XHOUND78d ago

They are already taking a pretty big hit at the selling price at floor level right now they won't be treating the steam deck as a typical PC. It's most importantly a handheld, the PC spec is a bonus and a huge selling point. They will milk the 1st gen steam deck for as long as they can to break the curve from initial sale ratios - as consoles do!

Vits79d ago

This makes sense, there is probably not enough room to improve performance in a significant matter right now. Especially if they want to keep the thermal and power consumption profile of the current device.

That said, other improvements would be welcome. Things like a better screen, removable battery, etc. Could be achieved on a Steam Deck V2 or something like that.

Number1TailzFan79d ago

They already said the next one would be an incremental upgrade.

Probably nothing worthy hardware wise in a mobile chip to upgrade to at the moment, for the cost that Valve would like to pay anyway.

Nintendo has a chance to catch up here in hardware, and if they bring good exclusives instead of rehashing the same junk over and over all will be well. I hope Nintendo uses some modern tech in their next device, Switch 2 should be using that new solid state cooling technology but knowing them they will still use a fan.

Tacoboto79d ago

I returned my Deck after a couple weeks when I noticed a series of dead pixels playing A Plague Tale - opted for a refund instead of a repair and I don't regret that.

The device is amazing with all the tech and power already there (Plague Tale ran smoother than I expected), but the display quality by itself is remarkably low considering everything else in the Deck. If they announce an OLED Deck at any time, I'll preorder it immediately.

GoodGuy0978d ago

That and it isn't 1080p. I can't stand lower than 1080p screens anymore. The blurriness hurts my eyes.

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