The Playstation Holiday Recap

PS Blog: "How many of you are dreading having to go back to school/work on Monday?

While I've definitely enjoyed the past 12 days or so away from the office (and the comparatively massive amount of gaming time it afforded me), I'm looking forward to heading out to CES next week to share what we'll have at the positively massive Sony booth."

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poindat4205d ago

Ugh, work. I brought Fallout 3 today (well yesterday, its 1 AM here) and combine that with LBP which I brought a few days ago, I could stay away from work for a long time. Oh well, I guess I'm fortunate enough to have hours that permit a bit of leisure time each day.

BrunoM4205d ago

work roofing wile it gaves me the money to get as much games and other things as i want it dosent leave much time to play but now in the next month or 2 i will have some free days due to not being that good here in toronto alot of snow and cold so il have some free time to play foulout and R2


BrunoM4205d ago

any new always good news lets shee if we get anything next week ...

some how these is gona be turn in to bad news..

f7897904205d ago

Which means the teachers will cram two lessons into one day. Finals next week! Yes I know, whoever in charge is a moron.

On topic I have $40 in my PSN wallet I'm looking to waste but I have everything good already.