Jim Ryan: I don’t want a Call of Duty deal, I just want to block the acquisition

A new moment of tension is taking place in the process of reviewing the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and the name of Jim Ryan came up a few moments ago after an Activision executive criticized Sony’s opposition to any offer that make it the Xbox company.

BandarHub447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Low point for Jim. This is plain childish
There is no reason for him to be this mad at Xbox owning COD. It's going to be available on PS in the future.
I see no reason for Xbox to make COD exclusive... it's going the way of Minecraft
The number of exclusives that Sony has Money Hatted is astounding.
The deal is going through no matter what. But essentially what Sony is doing is damaging their reputation.

shinoff2183447d ago

Ms has just as many 3rd party exclusives bandarhub

343_Guilty_Spark447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Such as? Those same A, AA, and indie games SONY fans claim are GamePass trash?

Does MS/XBOX have anything with the weight of Final Fantasy or Forspoken?

TricksterArrow446d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark Wha...? All Bethesda titles are essentially exclusives now. Not Sony's fault if MS does not know how to manage them.

WelkinCole446d ago

You serious? MS is the king of 3rd party money hatting. You forget Bioshock, ME, Tomb Raider and many other time exclusives or console exclusive or first show (lol!) exclusive or DLC exlusive or marketing exclusives that MS pioneered?

There are way too many to count. Sony is just following suit but MS after 4 generations still can't beat Sony now they are buying well established 3rd parties because MS suck at making games. That is cheating.

We are not just talking about huge ass 3rd party franchises like Fallout, Elder Scrolls, starfield, Diablo, COD. No we are talking about complete buy out of the whole fucking pulbisher.

COD is the 3rd party top money maker.

Its bad enough they bought Bethseda. They had to buy out the biggest 3rd party publisher as well. How is that not anti competitive? Whats next? EA? Where is it going to end? Until they can outcompete Sony?

fr0sty446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

I'd have to agree, Sony doesn't buy Publishers, they buy studios to add to their own portfolio as a publisher. MS is using the fact that they are one of the world's wealthiest companies to monopolize the market... so yes, of course the various trade regulators out there are crying foul. then MS is taking it a step further by using even more of that money to try to buy their way through the legal system with lobbying, ads, etc. trying to influence the regulators' decision. Not to mention, they are killing the third party game industry. They've already bought out 2 of its biggest publishers.

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aarallen1447d ago

343_Guilty_Spark Forspoken? Are you serious? Superman 64 would be a better exclusive than that game. It's funny mentioning weight. Forspoken is weightless. It's zero gravity.

-Mika-447d ago

If this deal doesn't go through, Activision and Sony's partnership is ending. The fact that a high ranking employee revealed that information shows how badly they want this deal to go through. If the deal is denied, they are definitely going to make Xbox the new home of COD and the relationship between Sony and ABK dead.

MaximusTKG447d ago

Most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Just cut out a multi million console install base because they are mad? Money talks every time. BS

Godmars290447d ago

By the sound of thing that's done regardless whether out or under MS's umbrella.

Flakegriffin447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

You do know there’s a difference between weird fanboy assumptions and actual business sense, right?

You know how silly Activision would have to be to end deals with a company that’s 70% market share? If they want to go from making $1 billion+ to tens of million then that’s on them, I guess LOL

SeTTriP447d ago

Those are your feelings talking, imagine the deal doesn't go through then simultaneously saying screw the market leader, does that make sense to you and the 20 ppl that thumb this up?

Tres21447d ago

While I disagree with Mika cause it makes no sense to drop such a lucrative end of the game division and I see the disagrees and the comments saying the same thing they would be fools to drop that no way they would…then why in the same breathe are ppl worried of CoD leaving from Sony system? All that revenue and they’re just going to dissolve the partnership? Does no1 really believe they wouldn’t just do like Minecraft at least for that ip? I get more of the complaints were ms and being able to keep the brand strong but is it really that strong? How much longer does it last neways?

DarXyde447d ago

Hmm, I don't know about that.

It doesn't matter how the execs feel because ABK is a publicly trading corporation and if their shareholders don't want it, it's not happening.

No matter who you agree with though, you should respect that the "opposition" is just doing its job. Ryan is literally just trying to protect Sony's bottom line. Likewise, Spencer is trying to increase Xbox value/profitability. I'm biased, but I'm particularly irritated by Spencer basically saying he's okay with the scandals. I'm sure if not him, someone else would be doing it, but it really illustrates a character failure to me.

I don't play ABK games, but regardless of what happens, I'm glad Sony is giving them hell. Goddamn soulless pretender corporation has tremendous resources to make the best games and literally REFUSES to do it, preferring to just buy large publishers.

What is the result? That community talks about game pass nonstop (a service... Imagine that), acts like Todd Howard isn't known for vastly overstating the end product, and in true American society fashion, just passively accept the nonsense being shoveled at them.

They're scum and I hope they fail and heads roll at MS, but a part of me wants it to go through so these rubes can understand how right the test of us are about their corporate imperialism they seem painful ignorant of... And the fact that their sub prices are going to go up.

Extermin8or3_447d ago

More likely the executives involved lose their jobs and are replaced lol

Chocoburger447d ago

You don't understand business. Not one bit.

ChronoJoe447d ago

Activision get a $3b payout if the deal doesn't go through. A significant windfall for shareholders.

The only party annoyed if it doesn't go through will be Microsoft, and perhaps Bobby Kotick himself who was looking forward to a big payout individually.

DOMination-446d ago

Whilst I don’t agree with this original comment, what a lot of people fail to understand is that of CoD was exclusive, a LOT of people would get an Xbox to play it. So whilst they would lose PlayStation sales, the projected Xbox sales would increase and probably significantly. This is what MS wants.

They will be hoping Starfield has the same effect albeit it’s not as big as CoD it’s still going to be a huge entertainment release.

Obviously not saying it will completely bridge the lack of PS sales. That’s almost mathematically impossible. But over ten years, ten exclusive CoDs would allow MS to eat into that PS5 lead.

Irrelevant point anyway because I doubt it’ll be exclusive

Ryzza5446d ago

Bad news for Crash Bandicoot if that were true

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SkwakIdent447d ago

Microsoft in an effort to play victim and get the deal to pass claimed their games were inferior and couldn't compete on a level with Sony, seems like Microsoft has done a fair amount of damaging their own reputation. People have been claiming "the deal is going through" for ages now and here we are with it still not through.

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darthv72447d ago

Sony, in the same effort to play victim to get the deal blocked, also claims that MS would sabotage their version of the games. And that their own first party titles do not generate enough revenue to fund other first party development.

MS at least has some legitimacy to their claims, Sony... not so much.

Tapani447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Jim is trying to keep the competition alive, which is good for both consumers and creatives.

Asplundh447d ago

By buying up studios themselves and buying timed exclusive? Yeah right.

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King_Noctis447d ago

Have you seen the news where it says Sony is looking to spend 5 billions dollars to expand their business?