Microsoft Runs Full-Page Ads in UK Newspapers to Lobby for Activision Blizzard Deal Approval

Microsoft is now running full-page ads in the Financial Times and the Daily Mail to push for its Activision Blizzard deal to be approved by UK regulators.

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shinoff218392d ago (Edited 92d ago )

That's kinda sad really.

-Foxtrot92d ago

I don’t even know how that’s supposed to back up their claims about support for the PS if there’s not a PS in sight

VenomUK92d ago

This is a massive and co-ordinated campaign on all fronts by Microsoft to pressure the CMA to green light the massive buyout of Activision.

There are stories through the sympathetic Tech/Games media with Stephen Tottilo at Axios and Tom Warren at the Verge. There is the awareness campaign with the wider public with the newspapers. And there has been the EU event where all the press were treated to a luxury trip so Microsoft would have the opportunity to persuade them to see the benefits of the deal.

So much time and money put into persuading the decision makers seems, at the very least, inappropriate and should be examined into whether this is unethical and /or illegal.

victorMaje92d ago

So true, at the very least unethical.
Imagine what they could’ve done with all the amounts & effort spent/allocated so far to create IPs, secure deals or push the industry forward.

I keep saying I don’t trust MS & I keep being proven right.

richardmmorales92d ago

And how is that any different than Sony lobbying to block the deal? Sony has been interfering with the deal every chance they have gotten.

VenomUK92d ago

@richardmmorales BOTH Microsoft and Sony have both been privately communicating with the international regulators and supplying them information as part of the process for them to determine a decision on whether the deal should go ahead. The above comment about the PR campaign is about actions taken by Microsoft outside of that regulated process.

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago

This reminds me of the mining propaganda on Aussie TV at the moment where they're pushing to get out of paying their fair share of tax.

It so strongly reminds me of how the media in my country acts during elections and that's some scary crap (some groups are pushing for a royal commission because they also consider it unethical/illegal). It's surreal to me that Microsoft has gotten to this point and are acting absolutely the same way, they're very desperate.

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Jin_Sakai92d ago

This is pathetic. I’ll not be a part of Xbox anymore.

Focus4092d ago Show
NecrosisOdium91d ago

Beginning of this gen there was few games on xbox I was curious to try and considered buying a series x since I never owned a Xbox, been gaming mostly on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, witnessing MS wanting to buy big publishers certainly put me off from supporting them in any way shape or form.

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S2Killinit92d ago

Exactly the words that cane to mind. Scumbags.

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