With Silent Hill 2, Bloober Team Is Entering a New ‘Phase’ of Its Existence as a Horror Developer

IGN: "In a new interview, we speak with Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno about the studio's ambitions for Silent Hill 2's remake and why it signals the arrival of Bloober 3.0."

BandarHub80d ago

Bloober team is great at horror.
The medium was a great game

CrimsonWing6980d ago

listen it may not have been great, but it definitely was better than the previous Silent Hills by western devs. Nobody can argue that.

-Foxtrot80d ago

Great game?

You’re kidding right

Their past games make me super worried about this one

BandarHub80d ago

Maybe I was being a bit too generous. The current state of horror leaves much to be desired so when I see something lime like it tend to over praise it.
It was a good horror game that captures the PS2 era Silent Hill, The atmosphere and camera Angles were top-notch.
It was a small-budget game but it was well done.
Their past game was decent but the first-person craze needed to come to an end.

cthulhucultist80d ago

I really like their games (Layers of Fear 1 & 2, Observer and Blair Witch.

Havent played The Medium yet so I cant comment but will definitely do.

Each to its own. Here's hoping they make a great game.

I wish it becomes multiplaftorm though

SullysCigar79d ago

Blair Witch was pretty poor at launch. Then they ported it to VR and tweaked it to the point it was actually worth playing and the atmosphere got a boost. Bloober can do atmosphere and they're pretty good with DualSense features too - they did a great job when they ported Observer to PS5.

Flakegriffin79d ago

The Medium wasn’t that great but I do enjoy their artistic outlook on horror games. Even the best teams deliver mediocre games every now-and-then. Give them time. If they can nail Silent Hill 2 then they’re golden.

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Vengeance113880d ago

Hopefully this "new phase" will be better than the last cause my god the last "phase" was ripe with mediocrity. Lets aim for above mid quality this time maybe? hmmm?

Stanjara80d ago

I'm already worried just from the cover.

Hope that game doesn't start in all gender bathroom like Dead Space.

I'm serious.

CrimsonWing6980d ago

wait they did that in Dead Space?

Stanjara80d ago

Yes Dead Space remake has all gender bathrooms

-Foxtrot80d ago

And? I mean seriously it’s a bathroom

I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out because I was, you know, enjoying how much of a good solid horror game it was.

Vengeance113880d ago

Jesus really?! I guess it goes with the horror theme as that's absolutely DISGUSTING!

Yet another thing normal people need to push back against before it's deemed "normal".

SullysCigar79d ago

Well I didn't know that, thanks for sharing. Dead Space is on my list, but just got downgraded to a secondhand purchase. I like my games free from social agendas.

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Knightofelemia80d ago

Rather have Team Silent build the game. Everytime Konami has farmed out the SH franchise it's crap.

gleepot79d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic for SH2. Bloober has not made a good horror game yet. They've made boring ones. The reveal trailer gave me hope, though.