Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded PSVR2 Review | Gaming Nexus

Jason writes, "An addicting, nostalgic arcade light gun-style shooter where gameplay is king. It’s so difficult to not go on “one more run”, and it’s perhaps the most fun I’ve had killing zombies in a video game. Some will find it challenging while others will find its repetitive nature to be one-note, albeit a very high note indeed."

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SullysCigar79d ago

Check out this short comparison between the Quest 2 / PC version and the PSVR2 version. They've redone basically everything - animation, character models, lighting, textures, even map layouts have been tweaked. All that without factoring the usual benefits of the better screen and controllers. Awesome job guys.

darthv7279d ago

looks cool. Im so pumped for VR2 that Im really hoping there will be more light gun classics that get VR treatment like time crisis, virtua cop and house of the dead.

Bathyj79d ago

I used to pay double to play VirtuaCop 2 with 2 guns in arcades before dual wielding was even a thing.

That's right I invented that.
You're welcome. 😝

Leeroyw78d ago

BathyJ : tremendous. Expensive. But tremendous. I played point blank with the old finger in the trigger guard sideways for bulk shots.

generic-user-name79d ago

Keep hearing good things about this one, but I have so many other PSVR2 games to get through first, stupid life getting in the way.

philm8778d ago

Definitely recommend picking it up at some point. Particularly great fun if you like beating your best times etc. I seem to be able to constantly beat my best times as I'm always getting quicker with a bit extra practice.

Venoxn4g78d ago

Great game, love it on Oculus