Pavlov VR review – PSVR2’s best shooter | The Loadout

Vankrupt Games has brought the simulated shooting expertise of Pavlov VR to the new and improved PSVR2 and it's one of the best experiences yet. The PSVR2 version is a fully-featured adaptation that elevates all of the game’s best features.

The most realistic VR shooter on the market, Pavlov VR is a must-have for headset-toting Dust II veterans and a rewarding investment for curious newbies. It feels particularly elevated on the PSVR2 thanks to the clever implementation of headset rumble and adaptive trigger profiles.

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1nsomniac93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I thought the PSVR 2 version wasn’t the same version and was cut back? Just asking because I nearly bought it yesterday.

Einhander197192d ago

Loving VR but this will have me spewing lol 😆 only particular games suit me in VR. Moss, Rez, Thumper.