How Did Nintendo Switch Find Such Imminent Success? Simple – Nintendo Changed Its Audience Focus

The Nintendo Switch wasn't just for kids and family anymore -- and boy, did it pay off.

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shinoff218387d ago

Nintendo switch did so well do to it being portable. It is the only portable console out right now. The 3ds is no longer a thing. Those 100 million gamers that ow ln a 3ds had to go somewhere. If the switch wasn't a portable console I don't think it sells more then 50 60 million. Imo.

I know about the steam deck also but your casual gamer don't know wtf a steamdeck is.

Babadook787d ago

This is pretty much it. But also, the Switch came in on the heals of the failed wii U and grabbed some of its best games that no one had played. They even delayed BOTW to be on Switch at launch.

blackblades86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

The switch happened because of the Wii u failed. The Wii u failed because of the name and market amongst other things. Took that tablet controller and made it a real handheld hybrid. Going by there history I'll be 50/50 if they make the next one a switch 2 name and not something different. Nes/snes was fine but wii/wiiu eh

itBourne87d ago

Yep this, what you said... also just the name Nintendo carries clout! Parents are nostalgic for it and have rose tented glasses because they grew up on it, grandparents know the name Nintendo, oh yay lets get it for the grand kids.

NotoriousWhiz87d ago

I mean as a parent, would you buy your kid a PS5 or a Switch?

TheSenorCheese82d ago

"Steam Deck? Is that where you tan?"

Leeroyw86d ago

Portability and indie games sold it for me.

Yui_Suzumiya86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Solid third party support, dual console / handheld design, newer model having an OLED screen, region free game cartridges. Large amounts of visual novels actually receiving English localization on a console which is a first. Lots of reasons. Switch is the first Nintendo console I've had since Nintendo 64 and currently it's all I game on thanks to the large array of visual novels, RPG's and FPS's available on it.

curtain_swoosh86d ago

nintendo didnt switch its audience, wbich is still young teens and kids, the handheld hybrid situation is what made it be successful.

also its first party nostalgia games.