360 wireless controller planned for Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II's associate producer Ted Lange has told IGN that the developer plans to release a wireless controller for the Xbox 360 version "rather shortly".

Apparently he said that a wire is currently needed to make it work. Seeing as though we can send men to the moon, surly a wireless X-plorer isn't totally out of the question.

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joemutt4896d ago

I will definately buy this.

But, if a wireless is coming out a month later, I will have to wait. But if it is 6 months later, I will buy the wired one. So please tell us when it will be available.

This quote got me real excited too:

Lange also promised that the 360 game will feature the most downloadable content "anyone has ever seen in a game to this date."

ryanjtravis4896d ago

Good and bad news I guess... Great news that they're going wireless, bad news that I'm having a hard enough time waiting for the release - I can't keep waiting for the wireless guitar.

Plan: Get it on release, buy the wireless guitar when that comes out and when I play 2-player, make my guest use the wired guitar :P

AuburnTiger4896d ago

In the latest issue of OXM, it's stated that MS will not let any third party get a hold of any knowledge on how the wireless system works for the 360.

zonetrooper54896d ago

I'm gonna get the wired gutair as i don't want to buy any batteries for it, buying batteries that are good do cost a bit.

dissectionalrr4896d ago

rechargables man... gotta have 'em.