February 2023 software and hardware sales Japan: PS5 tops monthly sales for the first time

In the hardware market, PlayStation 5 sold 367,000 units (total of 2 models), about 1.6 times more than the previous month. It is the largest number since its launch in November 2020, and has won the top monthly sales volume for the first time. The following Nintendo Switch sold 221,000 units (three models total).

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sammarshall10284d ago

Well deserved! The PS5 is such a wonderful piece of tech and I love what Sony is doing with VR

The best is yet to come!

SullysCigar84d ago

Yup, VR will likely push some in Japan, then you've got Horizon Burning Sands and FF16. Nice to see the supply catching up with demand.

sammarshall10284d ago

Yeah I'm so excited for Horizon Burning Shores then we get Final Fantasy XVI right after, it's gonna be incredible

kingnick84d ago

I doubt VR will make much of a difference in Japan where compact living in dense built up areas is the norm. People just don't have the space for VR and the reserved nature of Japanese means they are less likely to be interested in and using VR especially with other people around who they share the same space with.

With an ageing population the potential consumer base is literally dying and shrinking so it will be interesting to see what total lifetime sales end up being for the currentgen consoles.

SullysCigar84d ago

^ That was a cheerful post, thanks Nick! I never understand the 'needs space' angle. You can play VR in 1mx1m or from a wheelchair, for the most part. There are so very few 'room scale' games. Sure, standing and using 2mx2m is better for some games, but people make it sound like you need to live at Windsor Castle lol

jznrpg84d ago

@kingnick you play games seated if you want . I sit often as I don’t feel like standing anymore for that day , of course depending on the game . My living room is large and very open but I can see how you wouldn’t need much space to play seated.

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sammarshall10284d ago

And the best looking Final Fantasy game in some time is coming this June

Demetrius84d ago

0 regrets buying a ps5 for myself on Valentine’s Day, at first it felt like a huge console but when you get used to seeing it, then it’s like dam this a sexy lookin piece of machine lol

Luc2084d ago

I've got a lot of space behind the TV and that's where the ps5 is. You can try that and you'll have more space for games under the telly

Justo90984d ago

And the ass wooping by PS5 continues