PS VR2 vs Meta Quest 2: Which virtual reality headset is best?

The PSVR2 has been released – so how does it compare the Meta Quest 2? Which one is best? The Independent finds out in this head-to-head article.

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darthv7281d ago

Ive never played the quest but i am intrigued as it is self contained or can be used as a pc vr headset. i imagine the beefier the rig, the better the games where as the self contained quest is about the VR1 level of complexity and performance.

I really like VR2 though, even more now that i have a racing wheel. I like how some of the VR1 games have been given VR2 updates and I really hope others will. Just the other night I set up my pro and VR1 so my kids could take turns with beat sabre and rush of blood. I got in on the action and was able to play them for longer than I had before.

jznrpg81d ago

Quest 2 is the wireless one right ? My friend has 2 headsets one that needs to be plugged in and one that doesn’t . Both are clunkier than the PS imo , the one has a poor battery life and needs to be plugged in after a an hour or so and the graphics are nowhere near as good on PSVR2 .

Screens on PSVR2 have better resolution and are OLED over LCD .
If you owned an LCD tv and a OLED you know the difference .

But PSVR2 being the much better tech with eye tracking , better resolution than both and more power than the wireless one obviously at a similar price is just one part of it.

PSVR2 has GT7, RE8 and Call of the mountain at launch with hundreds of other games. Sony needs to release more bigger games and there won’t even be a comparison .

PSVR2 is the better tech hands down but the games will differentiate it more so over time and has already at launch.