Sony Is Giving Bonus PlayStation 5 Consoles With Select TVs

The Sony Store has a special promo going for the next few days, bundling a PS5 Horizon Forbidden West console with select tellies at no added cost.

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Lexreborn288d ago

If I’m spending 4-7 k on a tv I think they could throw in PSVR2 with that expense like whoa!

jznrpg88d ago

Well these are 77-90” high end TVs

Lexreborn287d ago

And I’m just a poor boy from a poor family..

jznrpg87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I was a very poor boy from an extremely poor family . Things can change though

MadLad87d ago

I could afford a purchase like that, if I really wanted to. But I sure as hell don't need a TV that size. I have a 60" OLED with a great picture. I am more than happy with that. Don't need anything more. And I definitely didn't spend 7k on it.

SurgicalMenace87d ago

Well damn, I've already have 2 of these. Why now? Why not the A95K?

Solitariussaint87d ago

This is only for Australia isn't it.

darklaw87d ago

7 grand? puh-lease, and in a year they will 500 bucks at walmart.

Ryzza586d ago

Tempted to get an A95K as the prices drop but what were they thinking with that stand that prevents you using a soundbar. So either I get something to prop it up or wait for the new A95L to release.