We Flew To Japan And Nerded Out With Business Unit III Over Final Fantasy XVI

God of War fans might want to pay attention

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jznrpg87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I’m a God of War fan and FF fan . Sounds interesting putting the newer combat of GoW with FF world . I am sold , it will definitely be strange as a FF game but let’s see what’s up . Looks great even if combat has gone away from the past it has been evolving far away from turn based for many years now . I do hope they do some side games as turn based in FF universe at least , and I’d love for a numbered entry to be turn based but those days may be over for good . Who knows

Hofstaderman87d ago

Expecting the side quests to be hunts. I’m intrigued about areas changing over the years warranting revisits. I also then take it that there will be missable items and side quests.