Destiny 2: Lightfall PS5 Review - All Filler, No Thriller - The Koalition

Danny Martinez of The Koalition writes: The next expansion for Destiny 2 is here! 9 years of guardians defeating the forces of darkness, and recently wielding that dark power for the good of mankind. The Witch Queen expansion had been the pinnacle of story and gameplay combined for the Destiny universe. Will Bungie do the same with Lightfall?

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rbailey201d ago

A very lackluster start to the year as far as Destiny 2 content is concerned.

BandarHub200d ago

Are people still investing in the scam that is Destiny?

TheEnigma313200d ago

It's actually a pretty fun game. Just don't buy the DLC as soon as it comes out. Wait a bit.

BandarHub200d ago

Yeah that's my point though, are they going to keep fixing issues? How has Sony bought them for their live service games experience? The whole live service aspect is nothing but a gimmick at this point. Drop now fix later.
This Bungie is not the same that made Halo. It has lots of key players like Joe Staten, Marcus Letho, Martin O'Donnell, Harold Ryan...not the same without them key players


DLC Review - Destiny 2: Lightfall | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Kyle Nicol: "Destiny 2 Lightfall was an important expansion for Bungie to get right. Just as faith was being rebuilt with the phenomenal Witch Queen expansion, it’s a shame they couldn’t keep the momentum going. Lightfall feels like a huge step backwards. There is some fun to be had and the changes that have been made to the core formula but it’s not enough and I feel my time with Destiny is about to come to its end unless we see some massive improvements in the coming year."

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Destiny 2: Lightfall Review - Left Stranding | MP1st

(MP1st) Destiny 2: Lightfall Review - Bungie's new subclass brings an exciting element to the shooter, but the story fails to deliver.


The Spring Sale comes to PlayStation Store

Promotion includes Dead Space - Deluxe Edition, Destiny 2: Lightfall, The Last of Us Part I and many more.

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closed_account178d ago

$49.69 is ridiculous for The Last of Us Part 1 this many months later. I was hoping this would be the sale where it hit $30. I certainly want to replay the game with the fancier graphics, but I've already beat the original + PS4 remaster close to 10 times in the last decade. :\

shinoff2183178d ago

Good sale. I finally picked up shadowrun trilogy for 10 bucks. If I like it I'll hunt down the physical at some point. I missed out on the original run some months ago so I'll have to get it from a scalper