No Man's Sky review, PSVR2 - Reaching for the Stars | Gaming Trend

The game is worlds apart from where it started, and all for the better. Unlike many VR games, it’s not an experience, and it’s far from short. The world is what you make of it, and once you get into base building, operating a massive star ship, exploring the galaxy to uncover the origin of a mysterious signal (which alone will take you over 30 hours), or interacting with the thousands of other players on both PC and PSVR2, it’s nearly endless.

Hello Games may have aimed for the stars and missed at launch, but it’s been strength after strength ever since. No Man’s Sky stands out among a very strong launch lineup for the PlayStation VR2.

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SullysCigar82d ago

Now imagine once they patch in eye-tracked foveated rendering. \It's going to be insane. Definitive version!

Neonridr82d ago

yeah, that's the only downside right now.. everything is a bit blurry inside the headset. Fix that and I'll be really happy.

dazzysima82d ago

Have they enabled locomotion yet? The teleporting method is a disaster.

oONinjavitiSOo82d ago

Locomotion has been enabled since psvr1. Not sure what you are talking about?

dazzysima82d ago

Has it? Back in my box then.

I’ll revisit on PSVR2 at the weekend then.

SullysCigar82d ago

Personally, I'm holding off until I hear they've patched in eye-tracked foveated rendering. It's not terrible -it's definitely better than it was on PS4! - but I expected better clarity and I feel sure they'll achieve it in the near future.