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Dan Rizzo says "The novelty of its immersion is superseded by its quality aspects. It’s no toy, nor is it a budget headset like its previous counterpart. It delivers a high-end AAA experience first-hand without the gimmick of quickly giving players their VR fix."

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SullysCigar406d ago

"However, I can most definitely put those fears to rest as the PSVR2 is above and beyond its predecessor in every way, making the old model look like a baby’s toy. With resounding positivity put toward its upgrades and changes to the way you control the unit, this is indeed a quality VR experience that is set to take on the market with unequivocal force."

It's nice to see the gaming press finally getting it, now they've had the chance to play it for some time. This is a giant leap forward and the price represents amazing value. The bad thing about the price is that it's a lot for people to pay in the current climate; the value on the other hand, is beyond question!

darthv72406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

this thing has really helped me get my VR legs. Its been a great ride so far. Cant wait for more.

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S2Killinit406d ago

Man I cant wait for even more games for this. Its been great so far.

z2g406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

i've had mine for almost 2 weeks now. its pretty great and had has exceeded my expectations. Its not as sharp as the HTC Vive Pro 2 but waaaay better than a Quest 2 and pretty on par with the Steam Index in terms of image quality etc. Its leaps and bounds better than the original psvr in pretty much every aspect. Screen door effect has been reduced down to basically a subtle grain in the image that you forget about pretty quickly. Image quality is sharp and theres no ghosting in the 3D representation. Refresh is smooth and glassy.

Its very light and comfortable. I could see that some might say the light plastic makes it feel kinda cheap, but its probably better than having this thing weigh more on your face. the soft rubber accordion piece that blocks the outside light from your eyes is a nice touch.

theres not really any lag in the system. the outside cameras work as advertised for giving you a window out to the real world when you break your play boundary and the inside out tracking is tight.

The included earbuds snap into the back of the headset and are passable, but its a better experience with the Pulse3D headset (steelseries are still my fav headsets tho).

The sense controllers are as you expect. its like a ds5 controller split in half with the L2/R2 triggers on the top of each and the L1/R1 buttons in the handle by your index fingers. In true Sony fashion, the battery life on them isn't stellar, but not horrible. you will find yourself charging them pretty often tho and Sony only gives you a single usb cord to charge them with so unless you dig up another cord, you have to charge them one at a time. takes about 1.5 hours each for a full charge.

The software lineup at launch is just ok. GT7 is amazing, Call of the Mountain is an impressive technical showcase, as is Resident Evil Village (i played the demo). The rest of the games are pretty much the same kinda smaller, cutesy simpler vr games - most of which you could probably play and or get a similar experience on a Quest 2. I'm sure (hoping) this will obviously get better over time, but I am concerned that most of the games won't be the super high quality AAA experiences you go to Sony for in the first place. Time will tell I suppose.

darthv72406d ago

this will sound uplifting but I am now able to play the first VR for longer periods of time, thanks to playing the VR2. The VR2 has helped me get my VR legs to the point that i decided to set up my Pro and VR1 and have a go at many titles i could not play initially. I found a way to deal with the VR sweats (as they are called) which results in no longer having foggy lenses and its an amazing experience to be able to play games like beat sabre, rush of blood, ace combat 7 and squadrons (all of which are not VR2 compatible). I have to say the first time being catapulted off the deck of an air craft carrier was friggen sweet!!! And it made my head feel woozy but I stuck it out and took down 5 bandits in the process.

All i can say is that if there are those out there like me, and could not stomach the first VR... play the second. it really helped me appreciate the tech and the experiences that the first round of titles had to offer. Rush of blood is bloody good time and my kids and i took turns in different levels. We had a great time trading off and watching each other get scared. I only hope that these games will get VR2 updates or better yet, sequels that really take those experiences to an entire new level.

Going to pick up my T150 tonight and get back into GT7.


"Invincible" AAA Game Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Skybound

Skybound Entertainment has launched the crowdfunding campaign for its AAA Invincible game with a minimum investment set at $100.

phoenixwing13h ago

These ppl are terrible. expecting gamers to pick up the dev costs with high as he'll initial investment. When they probably already have the funds considering they already hired a team of 30 and have the creator backing them.

Inverno9h ago

They seem to be crowdfunding the idea of a studio rather than an actual game. It's already at near half a million and there isn't even concept/any kind of proof of concept. People throwing so much money at something that'll most likely be too big for crowd funding alone and will have em partner up with a publisher.

PhillyDonJawn5h ago

I was just saying, they need to make this a game

-Foxtrot18m ago

Big IPs like this shouldn’t need crowdfunding


Former Blizzard President Suggests Players Should Have Option to Tip Developers

Former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra recently suggested an interesting concept that has sparked a debate among gamers - the idea of being able to tip developers after completing a game.

LG_Fox_Brazil1d 14h ago

If I had a 100% way to be sure that this money would go to a fund or a reserve dedicated only to the guys who develop the games, be them designers, artists, programmers and so on, I could think about it.

But we all know that this 'tip' would only end up in a publisher's CEO pocket to buy a new yacht, so, no, I ain't tipping anyone anytime soon on this industry

neutralgamer199218h ago

Exactly these companies were raising money for good causes and gamers were donation and come to find out they are keeping a good chunk of be pie

PapaBop9h ago

Yeah tip your developer, 5% proceeds go to developer, 95% to the publisher or whoever. Isn't tipping for staff not making minimum wage? How about they just pay their developers properly and like you know, give them fair bonuses? Too much to ask from Blizzard these days, Kotick saw to that and is now laughing all the way to the bank.

MrDead18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

It's the t**ts at the top looking at ways to cut devs wages and get the players to tip them like waiting staff, and I'll guarantee a percentage is skimmed and kept by Activision Blizzard. This is 100% for shareholder and CEO playouts.

Popsicle17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

I have to agree with this. On the surface tipping devs sounds like a great idea, but in the end it leads to pay cuts and subsidization of pay. Tips then become an expectation or the devs “can’t make a living.” Lastly, especially in the US, tip culture has gotten out of control, and it serves as an excuse not to properly pay employees. Sounds good but doesn’t end well.

1Victor14h ago

Uh so they’re trying triple dip or more we buy the game that they’re already withholding/cutting content for dlc we was told that season pass would help the developers thrive we felt for it.
Now on top of all that plus their sales bonus they want tips enough is enough whatever happens to you create/built a good game get a bonus for sales milestones you care about your game and community we reward you with more sales not for doing 3/4 of a game then save the other 1/4 for dlc and passes after

raWfodog12h ago

The 'tip' is me buying your game in the first place.

S2Killinit10h ago

Very well said. If it was possible to send the money to either the developer or some organization for the betterment of gaming, sure. But we all know that will not be the case.

Rynxie7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

No, it would go to those on the top. They will still fire developers, have a bunch of microtransactions, raise prices of games and so on.

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H91d 13h ago

So they eventually don't pay their workers and depend on our tips to pay them like the case with waiters!

Deeeeznuuuts17h ago

That kind of practice is only normal in the states, as far as I know anyway, what a backwards system

H916h ago

No it's as well in a every country that wants to amercanize

bloop15h ago

Ireland is literally the first stop across the pond and we don't have a tipping culture. The only establishments here that would expect a tip are the tourist haunts that Americans visit. Other than that, you might tip in a restaurant as a sign of gratitude for great service and waiting staff would be paid a full wage anyway.

Rebel_Scum9h ago

Tipping is not customary iin most countries dude. Get a passport lol.

Jin_Sakai1d 13h ago

Is this a joke? How about the big wigs giving up some of their pay for their hard working developers.