How To Tell If You Have the Quiet 360

Using the comparison image below you should be able to recognise which drive is yours, based on the look of the DVD tray. If you've purchased an Xbox 360 recently, chances are you have the quieter Benq drive.

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Booneral4857d ago

It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell if your 360 is quiet. If your ears do not complain, there you go, even the loudest 360 is a quiet model to you. Lol

dantesparda4857d ago

Damn i got the Hitachi drive and thats supposedly the loudest. Damn! no wonder i thought the sucker was loud. Damn i want the 65nm with BenQ drive one, but that aint gonna happen. Cuz my 360 gives of heat in the back like you wouldnt believe! the 65nm would help some

joemutt4857d ago

I cant hear the phone ring, much less a DVD spinning.

zonetrooper54857d ago

I only hear the 360 is when my sound is on mute and when a game is loading up.

tomfoolery4857d ago

So what if you hear cooling fans and the dvd/cd drive!
A pointless gripe in my opinion.

mrb22174857d ago

I have 2 Xbox 360's. One I bought on launch day and one I bought 2 weeks ago. The first one I bough has a Hitachi and it is loud. The new one I bought 2 weeks ago is the Toshiba and it is very quiet. So there goes that theory that the Benq is the quietest. Besides, who really cares...just turn up your TV volume.

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The story is too old to be commented.