Valve just enabled native ray tracing on the Steam Deck and it actually looks pretty wild

"DXR is also in the pipe, just not quite ready yet," says Deck developer, Pierre-Loup Griffais.

XbladeTeddy95d ago

Granted, can't see it being ideal on most games but having it running at all is an incredible.achievement you have to admit.

Number1TailzFan95d ago

Probably runs crap. You need a 3060Ti minimum for decent'ish RT as well.

Even then there's only a few games worth playing that have a lot more going on with ray tracing, like the original Doom, Quake 1-2 and Half Life.. And that's pretty much it right now.

cthulhucultist94d ago

Naturally most of the games supporting it, cant run well with RT enabled. However highly optimized games as such Doom Eternal can run at 30fps with RT enabled on SteamDeck which is mighty impressive.

EvertonFC94d ago

Who would want to play "doom eternal" at 30fps

cthulhucultist94d ago

As always, you are missing the point. This is about whether a handheld can run a graphically impressive game with RT at an acceptable level.

It is by itself a feat to play on a small screen a game like Doom with RT. It is not ideal, but its not crap either.

Besides, I just finished Doom Eternal on switch which run at 30fps with crappy graphics and I had great fun as its gameplay is amazing.

XbladeTeddy94d ago

"Who would want to play "doom eternal" at 30fps"

30FPS on a handheld is surprisingly not bad. I'm playing Spiderman on the Deck at 30 and it's just as fun.

60 is always more fluid and easier on the eye but on a handheld screen you'd be surprised how little it bothers you.

CobraKai94d ago

I’m starting to feel like the emphasis on 60fps gaming is overrated. If it’s consistent I can play 30fps all day especially if the trade off is higher fidelity graphics. If handheld Doom means 30 with RT l, I’ll take it. I’m old school tho; played Starfox at 20 fps, Hard Drivin at 5 fps,, and loved every damn minute of it.

badz14993d ago

I hope whoever is calling "30fps = no fun" just go F themselves already. if done right, 30fps is fine. always has been! I'll take 30fps games over stuttering mess uncapped 60fps wannabes all day every day!

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fr0sty93d ago

My laptop's 2060 does ok on ray tracing.. You have to drop resolution to do it, but it works and is playable. I personally like a higher quality image vs. a sharper one, so I usually make that tradeoff.

Inverno94d ago

I guess I can try portal rtx after all. I half guess that the Deck is capable at playing old games that have received these rtx options. I'm even more curious now about what the next Deck could be capable of.

IanTH93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

If you're playing it on a device without DLSS, it's gonna be rough. To get viable performance on my 3060ti, I had to drop resolution, use Performance or Ultra Performance, depending on resolution or RT bounces, and so on. Mainly it was a game of compromises to get it running around 60fps. It ran *abysmally* on default settings. Just check the reviews on that game, still mixed with a lot of performance complaints. It does support some basic non-DLSS based upscaling, but I have a feeling it'll look pretty rough and run pretty rough on any non-RTX based card.

I'll also try it on my Deck, but not holding my breath lol.