Always Online Single-Player Games Are Anti-Player And Anti-Preservation

TG: “Last week, we learned that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will require an Internet connection at all times, even when you're playing it single-player. That's bad news for players, and even worse news for game preservationists.”

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shinoff218384d ago

I completely agree with this. It's bad news period. Especially for those like me that prefer physical media. What happens when. Things get shut down. Well you sir are f Ed

I don't want no part in that

-Foxtrot83d ago

"What happens when. Things get shut down"

That's literally the main thing those who defend this practice don't realise, the amount of "oh please, everyone has online these days" comments you see but you never see anyone come up with a good counter point about when the games get shut down making your game worthless because you literally can't defend it

Some people like going back to their old games, it may be a decade later or something but at least you can do it if you want.

CobraKai82d ago

100% agree. I go back to Genesis, GameCube, Saturn, etc. all the time. I will never have to worry about not accessing the game. Online only is a deal breaker and it’s sad that at some point in time I may not be able to play Gran Turismo 7 or Suicide Squad, should I ever decide to buy those games, but I can play GT 1 or Arkham Asylum on dated hardware.

“Everyone is online these days” is not actually true. And yeah, there’s no real counterpoint to support online only. I’ve also heard “Well by the time they end support, you got your money’s worth” which is asinine thinking. If I bought it, I should keep it. Forever.

shinoff218382d ago

I go back and play old games all the time. Im playing star ocean 1 right now. Meanwhile I got hogwarts on back up. I just dont understand the defense of it. To defend something that clearly isnt a big deal to you to begin with doesnt mean its not an issue. I dont get how anyone can defend this. We as consumers should shut this sh down before every game gets like this. Personally I think alot of younger people are just to shor sighted. What happens the defender turns idk 35 and their like damn I could really go for such and such game its been years. Well guess what you cant

1Victor83d ago

But but but digital only is the future 🥺

I expect a quick XBO when they see the sales tanking and patch it to “no longer require always online” for the single player

fan_of_gaming83d ago

I also hate the digital-only trend but this issue isn't related to that, as it also affects physical copies.

1Victor83d ago

@fan this is just a test to see if gamers accept it same as the golden horse armor if they see enough player accept it it will become a normal for all the games just as it’s now normal to pay $5 for a skin in games

Aloymetal83d ago

When MS revealed the Xbone they were shredded for announcing online DRM and no game sharing.
They went back to the drawing table and they've been ready since June 2017 to try it again. This time they call it xCloud and GamePass.

CobraKai82d ago

Yes. I’ve been saying this and people hate it. They literally took what MS said about the Xbox One. Repackaged it and sold it to the masses. And the masses, who were so vehemently against it, ate it up. And not only that but they want more.


If you remember, Crash Bandicoot 4 on PC requires a permanent internet connection in order to play, yet the game was cracked by none other than EMPRESS and no internet needed. 😁 Also a server can be reversed engineered to simulate a server or a client, it just takes time and pirates do love a challenge. 🖥️🙃

Chocoburger83d ago

Publishers that do things like this won't be getting my money going forward, that's for sure.

I don't need their GAAS, and clearly they don't want me as a customer anymore. More money in my pocket, awesome.

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