The Elden Ring DLC Needs To Add A Pause Button

Shadow of the Erdtree needs to tackle quality of life improvements before expanding the narrative

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Snookies1288d ago

What? No it doesn't... The whole point of these games is dying over and over again. It's part of the difficulty. Find a safe spot and hide if you need to get up from the game. I'm glad it's different from most in that regard. It makes finding a safe space that much more impactful.

Sonic188188d ago

That can still happen with a pause button 🤔

Snookies1288d ago (Edited 88d ago )

No, it really can't. Because a pause button is safety in itself... Knowing you can just stop the game at any moment and walk away. So again, it makes finding safe spots more impactful. Like it or not, it IS a game mechanic. It's meant to be that way.

jambola88d ago

You don't have to like it but acting like it's some quality of life oversight is just silly

XbladeTeddy87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

*baby daughter screaming*. Sorry I can't leave the game as there's no pause button and I will die.
Some gamers have real life stuff to deal with, a pause button is not hard to add.

*Disclaimer* Obviously you prioritise the real life situation but you get my point.

DeusFever87d ago

The point of all games is fun. Dying because you had to take a phone call isn’t fun.

thorstein87d ago

Dying to the Elden Beast 15 minute battle (if you are heavy melee) because you had to take a leak is stupid.

lucian22987d ago

as much of a fan i am myself.....dark souls remake added a pause button....just doesn't work when doing multiplayer, and when invaded your pause turns's a good feature and allows for photomode

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BandarHub88d ago

Pausing the game means pausing the tension from the intense fights so you can take a breather...pausing defeats the point of the game. The game is not difficult at all, no I have played games that are miles harder than the Souls borne series. This game is brilliantly designed so that you need to learn the mechanics of the game to overcome it and once you do it's a cakewalk.

Games should not get easier so that the average gamer(especially Jornos) can get through them.
Many games have low difficulty, like Hogwarts Legacy. That makes the game boring and unfulfilling and difficulty scaling isn't present.
A good challenge makes games more fun and satisfying.
We need to stop these Jornos from dictating what gamers need, look at the modern-day western game there is no challenge or roadblock. God of war Ruins puzzles, Hogwarts has no difficulty scaling.

SurgicalMenace88d ago

Feeling yourself, huh? Perhaps those Jornos preform so well in life that they don't have the countless hours needed to "get gud" like some others. Maybe if you were asked to perform in life as well as you do in games you'd be the Jorno. All this while offering nothing more than an opinion with no measurable antidote. When is your game coming out so that we may marvel at the spender that all these established developers are oblivious to? I'd say if you've got to satisfy your fulfillment through a virtual avenue that's speaks volumes of your own prowess.

Zombieburger63888d ago

Game journalists are hilariously bad at games and it’s fun to watch them cry. I almost wish the souls games weren’t as popular just so all you annoying baby’s would stop crying over stupid shit like a pause button. None of you seem to understand what makes these games appealing so why not go back to hand holding games so you don’t have to try.

frostypants88d ago

They shouldn't be game journalists if games frustrate them. But that IS a problem...many game journalists actually aren't hardcore gamers. Imagine being a car journalist and complaining that the sweet sports car you tried doesn't have an automatic transmission. Same thing.

jambola88d ago

You remind me of that screenshot of someone losing at call of duty and sending a message like " I only list because my girl had a turn while I was making out with another girl"

SurgicalMenace88d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Listen this circle jerk amongst individuals who believe their prowess is games is some form of accomplishment is laughable. If you're not competing on a world platform to earn a living then it's just recreation. Journos, casuals, hardcores, and the like all play for entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

sadraiden87d ago

Then they shouldn't be playing a game that requires you to get gud. The devs didn't make the game so that games journos could get their review out in a timely fashion.

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Flawlessmic88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Or you know, it could be because dinner is ready, or your child is crying, or someone in your family needs help, i mean do I need to keep going??

A pause button does not make the game easier at all. It simply does what it states, pause so you can go and do life things.

Especially if it's a straight pause and you cant change ur gear or use items while in pause it's changes nothing.

I certainly would've appreciated a pause button in these games and fail to see how this makes the game any easier outside of allowing to jump in and play quick sessions without the fear of having to leave or lose progress cause I can't pause.

frostypants88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You can exit the game pretty much any time you like (unless you're fighting a boss) and it will pickup where you left. Your complaint makes no sense.

EvertonFC88d ago

Exactly, if anything the pause button makes it harder as you lose your momentum by the time you come back

IamFrasierCrane87d ago

If you’re getting upset because you have to turn a video game off to take care of a child, go eat dinner, or help someone in need. You’re not ready for these responsibilities you’re complaining about. On top of that, you have to question wether to keep playing or help a child?? That’s very concerning that you have to question that. A video game is absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of things and should come last to adult responsibilities.

sadraiden87d ago

Souls games are all about dying, dying, and dying again. Fuck your dinner.

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jznrpg88d ago

Just go to a safer spot and you are fine …. Plenty of them

blackblades88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Exactly, they trying to change how souls games work after all these years. Making it easier was already brought up and now this.

jznrpg87d ago

Yeah , go play something else is my opinion . Some of us enjoy hard games . You don’t hear us crying about easy games like Harry Potter being too easy and articles saying it’s need to be harder .

Levii_9288d ago

Noooo come on.. we are still have these arguments ? It doesn’t need a pause button.

Inverno88d ago

I was coming in here to disagree, but then I remembered Sekiro allowed you to pause. But this doesn't need to be added through dlc, imagine setting a standard of adding basic game features through paid dlc yikes