Review: Pavlov VR (PSVR2) - A Must-Buy for PSVR2 Owners - Push Square

Push Square: "Pavlov VR is a must-have among Sony’s current roster of PSVR2 launch titles. With a variety of modes to try, and impressive gun mechanics to mess around with, it proves what’s possible when you get VR controls right. And with a killer mode in TTT, the Pavlov experience is elevated to hysterical levels as you lie and manipulate your way to victory. This is the gun-toting VR Among Us experience we've been waiting for."

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Deathdeliverer92d ago

Pavlov is definitely cool. Mind you this tidbit I’ve learned and hopefully it’ll save you some time and keep you from being discouraged.
1) The game has been out on PC for a bit so the people that are murdering you or downing you from so far away have simply played to the point that they have the “feel” of the game down. They know the maps so they can flank you. So on. Just like any other shooter that you get into late.
2) Practice ejecting a clip, putting in a new one, and loading the first bullet. Luckily there is a shooting range to do just that in game. You can go through attachments, get familiar with one gun, and really work on your reload. Nothing sucks more than being in a gun fight and you drop your gun OR you pull out your knife instead of another clip… Not that I’ve ever found myself scrambling for my gun I dropped in the middle of a gun fight…. It happened to a friend… yeah… happened to him several times… not me.
3) Stand sideways and aim to your left/right. Your face should be pointing in the direction of a shoulder because that’s where you’re aiming. I found that when you’d aim at a more 3/4 angle you’d be looking for the stock to press against you. Without that I found it hard to aim.
4) grenades… lol. Get ready to blow yourself up a few times.

Phoenix7691d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Other good tips are in options menus.
5) Turn on stock aim assist. This really does help improve your own gameplay by locking the gun to your shoulder.
6) Toggle auto running on. Pressing L3 to run is tiresome when aiming gun down. This gets around that.

generic-user-name91d ago

1. Crossplay isn't enabled yet so it's all PSVR2 users.

SullysCigar91d ago

Anyone on the fence with this game, JUMP IN. It's too good and it's about to get even better! Watched this vid of some rando having fun with it and took the plunge. No regrets!!

boing191d ago

I'm having so much fun with this, and GT7.

Eidolon91d ago

Very fun and well developed competitive shooter for VR, was the frist game I bought and am addicted.