Demeo PSVR2 Review | Gaming Nexus

Eric writes, "Demeo is pure, uncut geek wish fulfillment. If nights spent in the basement playing a living, breathing board game with your buddies sounds like something you would enjoy, then don’t hesitate to grab this fantastic tabletop RPG sim in it’s best current incarnation on PS VR 2. Tons of content, a wicked level of difficulty, and spectacular visuals all combine to make this the best board game night of all time. Better with friends (they don’t need PS VR 2, but it helps), Demeo can provide some howlingly fun dungeon crawling."

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Meta Quest+ Takes Another Step Closer to Xbox Game Pass

The Meta Quest+ subscription service is expanding in March with the Games Catalog, offering 12 titles to subscribers.

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Demeo Comes to iPad & Mac

Resolution Games' hugely popular virtual board game, Demeo, is now available for Mac and iPad gamers, including crossplay.


Demeo Co-op Review: A Cross-Play Digital Board Game [Co-Optimus]

"Demeo is a cooperative fantasy-themed board game from Resolution Games. After enjoying a period of early access on PC and VR platforms, the game fully launched on Steam and PlayStation 5 this year. Demeo’s appeal is clear, combining the depth and challenge of a modern board game with RPG-lite mechanics and feel, a high degree of immersion, and online cross-play between all available platforms. It’s a recipe for cooperative fun, marred only by overly long play sessions and an unnecessarily high degree of difficulty," says Co-Optimus.

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