Hogwarts Legacy: How Star Wars and Ubisoft Are Inspiring the Next Great Single-Player RPG

Discover how Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming open-world RPG set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, has been inspired by successful franchises like Star Wars and Ubisoft, and how it promises to offer players a truly immersive experience in one of the most beloved fictional universes of all time.

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BandarHub85d ago

To be honest outside of the opening act of Hogwarts Legacy which was great, the rest of the game feels like a Ubisoft game just a coat of Harry Potter world.
This game has no difficulty scaling, all the enemies are pushovers easily dispatched.
The opening world is boring with the same thing that you would find in a Ubisoft game.

Flawlessmic85d ago

Yea I loved hogwarts but I only did all the hogwartz and hogsmeade stuff.

The rest was just your standard filler content which I didn't bother with

EvertonFC85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Maybe the difficulty scaling is too do with it's mainly targeted for casuals and Harry potter fans who just want to enjoy the game and story without frustrations ? It's not demon souls ffs.

BandarHub85d ago

Does not have to be Souls-borne difficulty...which is actually not difficult at all.
You cant forgo basic gameplay and design elements just to appeal to an audience.
Target audience's skill at a game is often time overleveraged to give a game a certain difficulty. They actually do not mind a challenge, I have seen the same audience beat the harder games because they wanted to see what is next.
Is about the satisfaction of combat and in Hogwarts it not fun but not satisfying.

Adrian_v0184d ago


There's level scaling though. I played on hard, finished the game yesterday. Combat never got boring and felt satisfying. It's all just opinions.

CrimsonWing6985d ago

The only thing I didn’t care for was the obligatory open-world dude stuff like 95 Merlin trials. I think the world is fantastic though and playing through the main story made me wish there was a movie based off this narrative.

I will admit that Hogwarts itself steals the show with how dense the details are and all the secrets to explore and random animated things to discover.

It’s seriously one of my favorite games and I have never been interested in Harry Potter (not saying it’s bad, it’s just I was past my teens before I watched the movies and thought they were just fine).

BandarHub85d ago

I am disappointed that there is no social life within Hogwarts.
I wish the day was structured so that you go to class and interact with students. When you go out in the corridors at night you are stopped by the prefects and teachers.

shammgod84d ago

Not sure which part of your statement is getting downvoted. I am enjoying Hogwarts but the open world is very much Ubisoft.

I may just have open world fatigue, but at this point I am only playing the game for the main story

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Aggy85d ago

I would have liked Hogwarts Legacy more if it was more like Bully from Rockstar. At least then it would have felt more immersive.

Inverno85d ago

I wanted a mix of Bully and Persona. Sad thing is there were a lot of the school aspects that were stripped from the game at some point cause apparently there're many mentions of em in the files

85d ago
Vanfernal85d ago

Nice preview! I can't wait until this game comes out and... Whoa... Wait a minute...

victorMaje85d ago

Hogwarts Legacy is a nice game but personally I wouldn’t put it on a very high pedestal.
It’s a fun game, I went in with no expectations & I got a lot of fun out if it. Loved Hogwarts, I’ve only seen the movies & I could feel it was very well realized though I would’ve liked a few more secrets, & the world traversal was great, they really captured the essence of "brooming" around, also Hogsmeade is great, the streets & shops are nice.

I feel though that they could’ve done a bit more with the wands in terms of leveling it up or sthg like the gear, & its creation in the beginning doesn’t matter even in terms of looks since we barely look at it while playing…

Another issue is with the mounts I never felt like I needed any other than the broom (even in speed), though the last one is nice when you get it, then I went back to the broom.

Then there’s the activities spread all over the map, after repeating them for the nth time I got Ubisoft flashbacks & got annoyed.
The vivarium was nice, I did like the arenas & races though.

Lastly the side quests, did all of them, there were only a few I felt interested in in terms of story & unfolding, the rest just didn’t grab my attention, I’m not sure if it were the characters or their issues that I just didn’t care about.

Imo overall it’s not an amazing game but I feel it’s a very good Harry Potter game. It’s a good start, I hope they’ll get to do a 2nd one with less repetitiveness, more interesting side stories, & deeper gameplay mechanics.

Demetrius85d ago

I’m sure they will accept feedback unlike Ubisoft ignoring us lol

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