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Dan Rizzo "Horizon Call of the Mountain is unquestionably one of the best VR experiences I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of playing. Unequivocally designed to masterfully contend with other escapades of its ilk, and AAA successes, and it goes without saying, lays trademark influence of base PS5 titles toward PSVR2’s ingenuity and bold integrity out of the box."

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SullysCigar92d ago

The more people play this, the more they like it. Go in knowing there's a lot of climbing and that it's the best climbing ever in a game. What's funny is I remember The Climb and The Climb 2 (both great games) being massively praised VR games, when ALL you do is climb.

Horizon CotM comes out and you can climb, shoot, paint, play music, pick up anything, interact with people, engage in combat - all set to a good story in an established franchise - and you get the usual suspects that try to hunt the negative wailing that there's too much climbing! lol

There's so much detail, it's incredible. I'd honestly sit this alongside Half life Alyx as and it no longer shocks me that some reviewers compared the two, since I've played it for myself now. What's even more crazy, is that GT7 and Resident Evil Village sit alongside those! Never been a better time in VR gaming.

z2g91d ago

ive been playing this the last few days. while i think its good, i don't think it deserves a 9. Maybe an 8. Its actually kind of repetitive. lots of climbing... like... always climbing. at first it feels cool cuz you have to use the sense controllers to physically grab on to rocks or ropes or whatever and pull yourself along as you would in real life. after doing this constantly though it starts to feel more like a job than a game.

It is really cool how you access your bow and arrows etc and how you aim. pretty much just like how you would in real life. you have to reach behind your back with your lefthand to access the bow, the same for the right hand to access your arrows. then you physically pull back with your right hand and aim with your left just like a real bow and arrow. that stuff is cool. its also cool how you have to physically grab doors to open them or turn keys to activate them. its very cool. from a tech standpoint its all very cool. the visuals are really impressive (tho you can tell they are slightly downgraded from Forbidden West but still really impressive).

Story wise its fine. it makes sense to focus on other people in the world for once. I wouldn't say the characters are as likable as in Forbidden West and can be kind of annoying sometimes. It doesn't feel as strong as the other HZD games but its still good. As a tech demo its impressive.

89d ago