Nintendo Stock Dominates Sony and MS During Holiday Season

"Even though the games industry didn't quite turn out to be as recession proof as some had speculated, it looks like at least one company, Nintendo, is bouncing back. However, it's not all clear skies and sunshine for the Big N; there could be trouble on the horizon for Nintendo's stock value."

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cain1414206d ago

Looks like everyone is down though...

Blademask4205d ago

Its a fun gadget that people love just for what it is. All the serious gamers crying about how its going to end up dead, are seriously kidding themselves. People have consistently bought the wii as if it were crack cocaine cut with absinthe.

Its pretty much broken the door of gaming that Microsoft and Sony only wishes their console was doing. But based on the nature and small audience of their consoles, its never going to be the Wii, or even compete until the Wii slows down due to no-updates-new-buzz.

$$$ is to be made in the masses, Sony and Microsoft could literally make "wii" just to make money like nintendo is doing. But what is the fun/challenge in that. I respect all of the companies for their vision. But nintendo's is just more profitable.

G audience baby.

Viewtiful4206d ago

I guess that shows you how much of a sure thing the Wii is seen as on the stock market. Even in the midst of harsh times, people are still crawling over themselves to throw their money at Nintendo.

cain1414206d ago

In the long run it's cheaper than other forms of entertainment.

SirLarr4206d ago

Now I kinda want to buy some stock.

cain1414205d ago

Buy Low

Sell High...

If only it was that easy...

INehalemEXI4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

I worked for a company that would match you when you bought the company's stock deducted straight out of your paycheck. I kept buying and selling to frequently so they made rules that prevented that. :( then the . com crashed and people lost there 401k's I was sad for them but I felt pride for not getting jacked.

WTG ninty I was starting to worry last gen. Still they need to stick an HDD in the wii HD.

James Abels4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

The Wii is huge but it will end up ending its self, the more people you get hooked on gaming the faster they will realize that the Wii is just not up to snuff for anything past casual gaming. When this generation of casual goes hardcore MS and Sony will win in the end.

Viewtiful4205d ago

That is of course unless they end up hating games because the ones they played on Wii were awful.

cain1414205d ago

There are a few great titles for the wii. Most are first party though.

Voiceofreason4205d ago

Sorry but that's just a dumb comment with no amount of truth to it all and based on bias. If nothing on Wii is any good how come they have the highest rated games this gen?

Axelay4205d ago

Perhaps they will start on wii and continue on wii, you know sometime there is something people called brand loyalty.
I don't know maybe it's a fairy tale but sometime... people prefer the original.

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interrergator4205d ago

This is mostly impossible for microsoft and sony to get even close to the wii sales.

cain1414205d ago

To be fair MS and Sony stock contain more than just games...

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The story is too old to be commented.