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Redemption Reapers is a new, turn-based tactical fantasy RPG about a small band of heroic fighters saving the world from a Mort invasion.

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The dark fantasy tactical RPG “Redemption Reapers” is now available for the PS5

""Redemption Reapers", the dark fantasy tactical RPG developed by Adglobe and published by Binary Haze Interactive (ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights), emerges from the shadows onto PlayStation 5 alongside the latest 1.4.0 update." - Adglobe and Binary Haze Interactive.

jznrpg400d ago

Name is kind of lame but game looks pretty good

TGG_overlord400d ago

It's one of the worst game names that I've heard in a loooong time...True enough though.

jznrpg400d ago

It’s like they took the initials RR and thought what could those initials make?


Review - Redemption Reapers (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Jordan Hawes: "Unfortunately, Redemption Reapers did not live up to the expectations of a cool genre twist from Binary Haze I was expecting. Instead, I feel like I received a fairly by the book SRPG with a couple of decent ideas, but ultimately feels rushed. The team dynamic is a cool strategy addition, but the balancing of everything else and lack of features like not being able to zoom out the battlefield, make this feel rushed. At $50 I would expect more, and while there is a lengthy campaign, it still feels lacking. "

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Redemption Reapers PS5 edition announced for July 2023

Binary Haze Interactive announced that it is working on a version of its tactical RPG Redemption Reapers for the PlayStation 5. The game was released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam on February 22, 2023. Denfaminico Gamer reports that the release date for Redemption Reapers on PS5 will fall in July 2023. Players who own the PS4 version of the game will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free. It was not specified if their saved data will carry over, though.