Famitsu Weekly Sales: Kirby, Like a Dragon Ishin and Octopath Traveller 2 in the top 10

Famitsu: "Of the 4 titles (6 titles counted by model) that first appeared on the list, Kirby Wii Deluxe took the top spot. Next came the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 versions of Octopath Traveler II in 2nd and 8th place, followed by Yakuza Ishin in 3rd and 4th place! The PlayStation 4 and PS5 versions of Kiwami are ranked in. Both titles have sold over 60,000 units in total, and we can expect strong sales in the future."

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Nyxus98d ago

Hardware sales:

Switch/11,226 units (total of 19,197,506 units)
Switch Lite / 9166 units (total of 5,223,631 units)
Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) / 40,992 units (cumulative total of 3,952,054 units)
PS5 / 77281 units (cumulative total of 2,577,614 units)
PS5 Digital Edition / 14448 units (cumulative total of 401,086 units)
Xbox Series X / 595 units (cumulative total of 179,001 units)
Xbox Series S / 132 units (cumulative total of 250,301 units)
PS4/1646 units (total of 7,856,171 units)
New Nintendo 2DS LL/72 units (total of 1,190,692 units)

Knushwood Butt97d ago

PS5 #1 again.

That's a 90:1, ah, never mind...

Nyxus97d ago

The software top 30 has now been released:

Call of the Mountain is at 16 with 6,027 units, those are in the bundle with the PSVR2 headset.