Every Time Kratos Has Canonically Died in the God of War series

In the God of War franchise, Kratos keeps dying and coming back to life. Here's a rundown of each time he's died and how it's affected the story.

LordMaim91d ago

Uh, doesn't he die in literally every game? He's pretty much got a punch card for every trip across the Styx and I think his next one is free.


Could Young Kratos Defeat Old Kratos?

While most critics and gamers have praised his character arc, some of us can’t help but wonder one simple thing: Could the older, wiser Kratos stand a chance against his younger, more ferocious self?

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neutralgamer199224d ago

Yes because young had one mission


Sciurus_vulgaris24d ago

Young Kratos seems more powerful than his future counterpart. Kratos mentions losing some of his previous powers from the Greek-saga in Ragnarok. However, some Santa Monica developers have stated that Old Kratos is stronger than his younger self.

Popsicle24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Absolutely, young Kratos was still capable of jumping vertically. Something old Kratos seems completely incapable of.

Fist4achin24d ago

Couldn't they just hug it out and old K could impart some wisdom and who to watch out for that will jack him up?!