FTC judge orders Sony to mostly comply with Microsoft subpoena

FTC's administrative law judge has ordered Sony Interactive Entertainment to mostly comply with Microsoft's subpoena for sensitive business documents.

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XiNatsuDragnel447d ago

Good question Sony has been pretty honest as we know but hey if Microsoft can claim something now they can.

darthv72447d ago

...a lot. some would argue they have leveraged their other business in order to get special treatment (exclusivity). I remember that being a sticking point during the HDDVD/Bluray wars. I'm certain MS has done the same.

S2Killinit447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Nothing. Except if questions about their business procedures were allowed by the judge, that may disclose how Sony run their gaming division so effectively. MS could learn a lot from Sony if those types of questions were allowed in.

But this is how subpoena’s work. You HAVE to provide your responses to other side’s questions. The only time you don't is when they are abusing the process (as MS was doing in their prior attempt).

The3faces447d ago

What does Sony have to hide? lol
Maybe how they money hat games to keep them off other platforms.,or how they get exclusive content only on playstation. And possibly how they cut deals to keep games out of gamepass just for starters.

fr0sty447d ago

"Maybe how they money hat games to keep them off other platforms"
"Hi, pot, I'm kettle!"

Christopher447d ago

I like how all the responses on what do they have to hide are things we already know about.

What they want to hide are the exact details of these agreements. The only way this is fair is if Sony gets Microsoft to do the exact same (such as details on how they get game pass day one deals and how much it costs them). Otherwise it's just one company having its secrets revealed and not both.

Obscure_Observer447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

"What does Sony have to hide?"

Apparently, a lot.

Now we might find out if Sony really has been paying developers and publishers to keep games and content off Xbox consoles.

bleedsoe9mm447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

We had no idea Sony was charging a cross play tax until it came out in court. I wonder if Sony has forced parity clauses the make devs spend extra time on Sony version and neglecting PC and Xbox.

1Victor447d ago

@ lelo What does Sony have to hide?

Read the article Microsoft was asking asking documentation from PlayStation creator that might contain trade secrets and it got denied 🤦🏿 ,Microsoft was asking for employees performance evaluation and information about deals with 3rd party along all paperwork from the first PlayStation in the 90’s to present 😱.
Just the translation and copy of all that paperwork would cost Sony in the upward of 10 millions compared to the over 2 millions from 2019 to present.
Regardless of Microsoft winning or not now they have access to Sony pass business strategies they can attempt to copy to be “successful” 🤦🏿

onisama447d ago

paying millions not to add games to ps plus but to block games from coming to GP ...microsoft openly accused Sony and sony never commented or go to court ...so mostly this (which is anasty dirty practice) and also they get to know how much sony pays for 3rd party exclusivity and maybe other stuff they can use

anubusgold447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@S2Killinit No microsoft wants evidence of sonys shady business practices like making developers not make games look better on xbox because it has more power, making them sign agreements not to appear on gamepass, and all the exclusive content deals to keep content and games off xbox then shove that in the regulators faces that are protecting sony.

gangsta_red447d ago

"No microsoft wants evidence of sonys shady business practices like making developers not make games look better on xbox because it has more power"

I personally do not believe this is a practice by any developer. I remember hearing this statement back in the PS3 days, that MS was paying devs to make PS3 versions of their games buggy or not run as well despite PS3 being a more powerful system. If this was something happening in real life this sort of thing would have been exposed.

But for the rest of your points, I agree. MS is trying to show regulators how Sony with all their complaints about this deal how it would hurt them and games and despite being the market leader, is actively keeping multiple games off the Xbox console and Game Pass allegedly.

anubusgold447d ago

@gangsta_red Developers have come forward saying sony has that in their contract xbox games cant look better.

TheCaptainKuchiki447d ago

It's not about hiding something. I'm sure every company in the world would be against giving secret documents to their main competitor.

Christopher447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

What I love best about this whole conversation is the people who say "buying out publishers to withhold games from a platform is just business" don't think the same when it's "Sony stops games from going to an optional subscription service but not a platform."

Why can't we just admit these two are competing at the same level and we shouldn't be trying to cheerlead for one to gain more info over the other? Honestly, some people seem to want one of these companies to just disappear when we get what we get because they continue to compete against one another.

JackBNimble447d ago

Neither company are in this for the best interest of gamers. They are in this for themselves and the shareholders and to think otherwise is naive at best.

Godmars290447d ago

"I remember that being a sticking point during the HDDVD/Bluray wars. I'm certain MS has done the same."

Like funding the HD-DVD side of thing to prevent BR from becoming the new standard of the time, thus allowing streaming to start sooner?

Fat lot of good that did them with TV-TV-TV...

Rude-ro447d ago

You obviously do not own a business nor have a clue how to protect one if you had it if you think it is about “hiding” something.
There is a very long list of shady practices from Microsoft when it comes to competitors…
So I would say what does a business have to protect vs what one has to hide.

OptimusDK446d ago

@1Victor - SONY are trying to block a 69 billion USD deal by arguing that the biggest player will be hurt extremely even though they have been offered a 10 year deal to keep COD which in itself is unpresedented in the gaming industry. NOW they have to show how this would hurt their business.

We all know that SONY has become big by money hatting games and ending up taking over these developers - it happend from 1990 and forward. Now they are so big that they can leverage their marketshare which they do to push games off other platforms, buy first access, demand parity etc,

They lay as they have made their bed...

zekk443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

@anubus. Without a clause like that in a contract outside parties (ms, Nintendo etc) can pay developers can purposefully downgrade the PlayStation version with no repercussions. While yes it could be seen as underhanded from your point of view from Sony's it would be to ensure the quality of what is put out on their product.

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Lifexline447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Scummy? it’s a legal battle and it’s allowed. This is a good thing for Xbox it can show how Sony pays for third party exclusivity, content and how it pay developers to keep games off game pass that’s anti competitive.

Paying developers to keep games off competing platforms is anti competitive and it should really be looked into whether it’s Sony or Microsoft doing it. They should get fined if the giver enemy really wants to make things good for consumers that’s what they should be looking into. That’s scummy right there.


And none of this information would've been brought to light if Sony simply kept their mouths shut and allowed this acquisition to go through.

Sony played with fire and now they're getting burnt. I love it!

darkrider447d ago

Dude, microsoft did the same. It's business.

Aloymetal447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

''Sony played with fire and now they're getting burnt. I love it!''
You can keep loving it all you want but nothing will change or do you really believe that if this deal goes thru MS will suddenly become the market leader and the platform with most hardware and software sales.
MS needs way, way, way more than activision/Bethesda for that dream of yours to become a reality. Keep hoping and loving it tho;)

Lifexline447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@darkrider do you know how to read?

I stated both Sony and Microsoft paying to keep games off each others platform or any other, get exclusive content, or keep games off game pass or such should be deemed anti competitive and be fined. It’s not just business it’s anti competitive. By your same logic no one should have a problem with the activision purchase but there is a problem. All I’m saying is the e same scrutiny should be applied to actual issues that are actually anti competitive. Those practices harm consumers big time.

If the government really wants to protect consumers this should be priority number one. Hopefully the subpoena opens up scrutiny to this issue. Sony can’t cry that without call of duty they can’t fund their first party games yet still have money to pay for exclusivity or to make sure games stay off competing platforms. That practice needs to be scrutinized by the government no matter who does it.

shinoff2183447d ago

Ms pays for 3rd party exclusives to lifexline. Why do you guys just say Sony does and act like their the only one. Ms is just as guilty if you wanna say that. They paid to keep tales of vespiria of ps3 in the west. That's why it released on ps3 in Japan and nowhere else except 360. Sounds kinda along the same lines your crying about if Sony really even pays to keep games off gamepass. If so why would you want your competition giving a game a game away for free your trying to sell. Makes sense. Buy some games cheapskates

porkChop447d ago


He literally said both. Paying a dev just to keep a game you don't own off another platform or service is absolutely anti competitive. That goes for both Sony and Microsoft. It's one thing to do it with indie games where the devs need funding, tools, resources, etc. But to do it with AAA games is scummy.