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Demeo is a delightfully-distilled tabletop RPG experience for up to four players that fits just as well in VR as it does on PC or PlayStation.

SullysCigar208d ago

Look, I'm happy IGN has bothered to acknowledge Demeo on PSVR2, but there's always a whiff of reluctance in their praise. "fits just as well in VR as it does on PC or PlayStation" - having played both, I can tell you, you won't want to play this flat once you've played it in VR. It's straight up better. Maybe not enough to move the score up - and it's certainly still a great game if flat screen is your only option - but it's better in VR.

IGN seem to hold back when it comes to VR and I think it's because they don't want to alienate the majority of their fanbase. I get that, but that means we can't trust we'll get an honest opinion.


Demeo Co-op Review: A Cross-Play Digital Board Game [Co-Optimus]

"Demeo is a cooperative fantasy-themed board game from Resolution Games. After enjoying a period of early access on PC and VR platforms, the game fully launched on Steam and PlayStation 5 this year. Demeo’s appeal is clear, combining the depth and challenge of a modern board game with RPG-lite mechanics and feel, a high degree of immersion, and online cross-play between all available platforms. It’s a recipe for cooperative fun, marred only by overly long play sessions and an unnecessarily high degree of difficulty," says Co-Optimus.

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InTheGame: Demeo is a strategic game that has many similarities with dungeons and dragons. Gamers should not sleep on this game and I will explain why.

Demeo brings a lot to the virtual table: Crossplay? Check. Beautiful graphics? Check. Online gaming between VR players and non-VR players? Check. The whole game is very well put together, ensuring many hours of fun.

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