MotorStorm - Exclusive Behind the Scenes

"More real than real life."

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DJ5704d ago

I can't even imagine what they're going to pull off for Motorstorm 2.

Frag Monger5704d ago

Hasn't Sony learned yet to stop making overreaching statements like this?

Remember "Toy Story-like graphics" for PS2? Uh-huh.

How about their games being in "4D!" LMAO Please!

marshman5704d ago

I nice post for a sony game and the xbots without hast are already chippirng in, about this that and the other thing. Why don't you go and jerk off your 360 some more and leave talkin about a great game to the gamers of this website.
I'm new here but it seems likes every post just turns in xbots bashing anything that does not have to do with there little Bill Gates love circle (360) Ha Ha

OC_MurphysLaw5704d ago (Edited 5704d ago )

One thing you will learn very quickly about this board is that it is filled with fanboys....both lovers of Sony, Microsoft and to a lesser extent Nintendo.

Everyone always wants the other side to stay out of their "news" and not make comments...reality is that gaming news is of interest to all wether its for the 360, PS3, Wii...PC, PS2..and so forth. Fact is that the news belongs to all, and we all have a right to comment regardless of which console we prefer.

That said...I certainly do wish everyone could tone down the fanboy side of things and try and keep it more level headed, and about the games themselves.

As for this article...You have to admit the comment for this article "More real than real life" seems just a tad over the top and silly. Nothing can be more real than real life so anyone saying that has to be held just a tad accountable for it.

CAPS LOCK5704d ago

but it still looks good, i hope they make a motorstorm 2 with better graphics and multi player online and i hope they have more varied environments like, ice,water, really muddy, dry erm rally grass and so on.

techie5703d ago

Ok there is online multiplayer - I'm guessing you mean offline multiplayer - I'd actually hold out for this for Motorstorm 1, since they said they;d bring if the fans want it. Do we want it? Hell yeah!

OutLaw5703d ago

MotorStorm is going to be a great game for the PS3 and I'm definitely getting it when it releases here in the states on 3/6. Tomorrow while I go and buy my second xbox 360 ( because the one I have broke after a year) I'm going to put a downpayment on this, VF5, Mass Effect, NBA Streets and MLB 2K7 because that game looks nice.

Now I can't wait until Lair and Heavenly Sword to come out.

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