EA SPORTS F1 23 will be called EA SPORTS F1 23

The new name and logo have been confirmed, alongside a social media profile spruce up, marking the start of the F1 23 game promotional trail.

EvertonFC472d ago

"EA SPORTS F1 23" will be called "EA SPORTS F1 23". So no change then 🤣😂

porkChop472d ago

EA owns Codemasters who develop the F1 games. EA is now rebranding the series as EA Sports F1. The headline is just really poorly written.

Abnor_Mal472d ago


Am I mistaken, but I thought Codemasters were also shut down.

But then I guess that would be reason for the name change.

porkChop472d ago

Nah they're still around. They're listed as the developer while EA Sports publishes.

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Embracer shuts down Alone in the Dark Reboot developers Pieces Interactive

From GameWatcher: "Embracer has shut down Pieces Interactive, the studio that recently developed the Alone in the Dark Reboot for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Pieces Interactive, acquired by THQ Nordic in 2017, worked on the Titan Quest franchise. Its most recent game, Alone in the Dark, received mixed critical reception at launch but was improved with subsequent patches."

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mastershredder5h ago

Like we did not see this coming. Pieces and Alone in the Dark, had a kick me sign on their back the entire dev cycle to release. Perfect example of not reading current market trends, bad forecasting, marketing and release.

1nsomniac5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Why is it the perfect example?? It was actually one of the few games that did all those things well. In fact considering the current environment in the industry it actually did all those things very well.

The problem was the game itself was just rough around the edges and that’s the problem we currently have in the industry it’s hard to release something like that when everybody wants perfection and the developer and publisher doesn’t have enough to pay off all the reviewers.. it has a large cult following and had potential to be exactly what survival horror fans have been crying out for while they were waiting for silent hill 2. Don’t see what market trends and forecasting has anything to do with it at all. I don’t remember it fighting in its release window either.

RaidenBlack5h ago

Alone in the Dark would've gained more praise if it released in 2022, well before Alan Wake II and other horror projects

Kurisu5h ago

The demo they released a while back didn't leave a good impression, and it seems like they were riding far too much on Jodie Comer and David Hayter to be the driving force to buy the game. They're both great actors, but their performance on this game from what I've seen felt very stiff/forced - like they were out of their comfort zones. It's a shame to see another studio closure, though, and I hope the people effected (affected? I always get it wrong) can find more work soon.

Elda4h ago

I played the demo of AITD & it wasn't good at all.

Kurisu4h ago

It was a poor demo. Too short as well.

Elda3h ago

I thought it was very boring.

JEECE4h ago

Embracer's takeaway from this will probably be that they should focus on live service games.

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Team Asobi says Astro Bot will push the DualSense controller "to a new level"