Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – What is Going on?

Rocksteady's long-awaited new game is facing backlash due to its live-service approach. Here's why fans are less than pleased.

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jambola90d ago

Y'know that phrase
About living long enough to see yourself become the villain

lelo2play90d ago

We have been bombarded constantly for the last 10-20 years with so much superhero crap, that I just can't get hyped for anything related to superheros anymore... Not superhero movies, not superhero TV shows, not superhero games, not superhero comics...

Rocksteady should have done something different.

Vengeance113890d ago

I guess over the years all the talent has left Rocksteady who worked on the Arkham games, so this is what we get from... "the rest".

myfathersbastard88d ago

It’s pretty clear, the developers were more or less forced to make a games as a service type game. They’re great at what they do, so it looks great, and will most likely handle really well. But the core of the game is still a gaas type game.
No idea why they decided to go 3rd person shooter style though. All the characters look like they play exactly the same but with a different special move.
I’ll be skipping this one. I wasn’t into it from the get go and I haven’t seen anything to change that. Also I have no idea why WBD thinks the Suicide Squad is a property people are into. I haven’t seen much love from people online for them. Yet they keep trying to make them a thing.

CobraKai84d ago

Right! I was so underwhelmed. Mostly because it’s Rocksteady who delivered 3 outstanding Batman games that wasn’t like anything before. This looked so unapologetically generic. And they made it online only. I’m not seeing any good other than this being Kevin Conroy’s last Batman.

And you’re right. I get the appeal of The Suicide Squad, but I don’t get why they’re pushed so hard. And what sucks is, the only reason I want to play this game, is actually The Justice League, who’s not even playable.

staticall88d ago

Warner Bros. and their greed is going on.

At first i was thinking maybe it's like unique characters with unique gameplay options (King Shark can swim/move heavy stuff/break stuff, melee fighter; Captain Boomerang can craft/repair stuff, use boomerang, mixed melee and ranged; Deadshot plant explosives/interrogate/snipe, ranged; Harley is nimble, small, can fit into tight places, melee and traps). And you had to use your whole team to kill enemies, solve problems and fight unique bosses. So kinda like Arkham games, but with a team.
Instead, characters only look uniquely (judging from the gameplay trailers) - all they do is shoot and fly, then fly and shoot. And have some banter in between. But don't worry, there's a battle pass and in-game store already implemented!

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