Mobile Games Killed The Dream Of Chrono Trigger 3

A third Chrono series game called Chrono Break was planned, but Square prioritized an MMORPG, and Chrono Break’s concepts were used in mobile games.

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Ronmaest470d ago

Square isn’t what it used to be.

CrimsonWing69470d ago

It’s true.

Squaresoft used to be like the equivalent of Naughty Dog back in the day. When you heard Squaresoft was making a game you knew it’d be a banger.

god I miss those days.

porkChop470d ago

Yeah they used to be the best in the industry. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is the worst decision they ever made. While they had previously talked about merging with Enix, that film flopping so hard left them with no other option.

CrimsonWing69469d ago


My understanding is that merger was happening before the film and the flop of the film freaked them out because they thought Enix would call it off.

I personally wish Square Pictures was a success. I thought the Matrix shirt they did was cool and they were pushing computer animation into a more mature realm.

Unfortunately, Spirits Within noted many and wasn’t the FF movie a lot of fans wanted. I thought it was decent, but something like Advent Children should’ve been the direction they went.

Ronmaest464d ago

To me, Naughty Dog is now Naughtycucks.p after that god awful story in LoU 2.

It was people like Yasumi Matsuno that held it for me, at Squaresoft. The company thought them too radical and ran them out. And now they yearn for people like that. They’re short sighted and pathetic.

GoodGuy09470d ago

Square ruined pretty much every great old franchise they've had.

franwex469d ago

Kinda misleading title, even from reading the article itself.

The staff and management couldn’t come to an agreement and the team moved on. Part of the team went to creat ff11 and the rest to Monolith software. Ideas for this game were implemented in some form to mobile games-later on. Which make sense as early 2000s mobile phones were not as powerful.

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Super Mario RPG Remake Brings Us One Step Closer To Chrono Trigger

It's long been thought that a Chrono Trigger remake is impossible, but the Super Mario RPG remake could pave the way.

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Ataraxias352d ago

It's already been said that they weren't motivated to do anything with the series unless the gang was back together, not really for any legal reasons.

FinalFantasyFanatic351d ago

I'm honestly happy with the Steam port of the game.


Chrono Cross was remastered because the devs feared the classic JRPG becoming "unplayable"

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition owes its existence to the fact that the devs at Square Enix were afraid that the original version of the classic Japanese RPG was about to become "unplayable."

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banger88460d ago

I don't know why they were worried. Emulation has ensured the game (and every other PS1 game for that matter) will live on forever. Maybe they're so out of touch they aren't even aware emulators are a thing.

phoenixwing459d ago

I think they want to be in mainstream not just emulation niche

CantThinkOfAUsername459d ago

Emulation will always be worse than a native port.

sadraiden458d ago

PS1 emulation is essentially perfect. Maybe not frame perfect in the same way that hardware emulation can deliver, but you can't tell the difference. You can run epsxe or duckstation on a potato PC.

Pedrof459d ago

So many games are way more "unplayable" than Chrono Cross, which at least had a rerelease as a PS1 Classic on PS3.

FallenAngel1984459d ago

Why wasn’t Chrono Trigger included in this?

This should’ve been a celebration of the entire Chrono series

DivineHand125459d ago

Based on Square's logic, Chrono Trigger had no risk of being lost to time because you can currently get that game on Android, iOS and PC while the only version of Chrono Cross that existed was on the original PS1 and playstation classics for PS3, PSP and PS Vita. Those consoles are discontinued.

I would love to see them give Chrono Trigger the ff7 remake treatment minus it being episodic.

FallenAngel1984459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

Square Enix has no problem rereleasing their Final Fantasy titles as often as they do. Should apply that logic to CT as well

If Chrono Trigger did get a remake it’d be on the scale of Trials of Mana, Live a Live or DQIII rather than FFVII

shinoff2183459d ago

I'd be fine with that. Stay truer to the original. Combat , everything. Although I enjoyed ff7r the combat nearly put me off the game. I didn't mind the changes to the story.

Chard459d ago

The Steam port of Chrono Trigger, since all of the updates it received, is quite close to being flawless, I wish they’d go the final mile and make the remaining fixes, which should be easy for them to do

Ronmaest459d ago

The most epic game Square has made.