Modern Warfare 2 is proof Call of Duty needs to take a year off

The state of Modern Warfare 2 is dire, proving that Call of Duty needs to take a year off to give developers more time.

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GoodGuy0990d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Last cod I bought day one was cold war and it was only for the zombies. I've had no interest doing the same since especially with the $70 price tag. Zombies is also now pretty much dead with Treyarch being only a shadow of their former selves now. the joy in cod MP hasn't been the same and only gets worse and worse every year.

I do want to play the campaigns though so I may get them when really cheap...or when microsoft gets activision and puts all of their games on gamepass day one lol.

TallDarknWavy89d ago

Or just get friends and borrow from one of them when the next one comes out

Sciurus_vulgaris90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

MW 2 (2022) is the first COD i bought since Black Ops. I’have only played the PvP. I have to say the gun play is awesome. However, overtime, the game seems to have suffered more-and-more from bad spawns, hit detection issues imbalanced teams. Also it’s often hard to differentiate enemies form allies, due to the teams lacking consistent visual thematics.

Asplundh89d ago

The games have suffered from those issues for as long as I can remember. Guess their mentality is why try to fix it when the games sale regardless.

Sonic188189d ago

I stopped playing COD almost 8 years ago and never looked back

crazyCoconuts89d ago

The fact that COD is so popular that gamers will gladly plop down $70 each year for another iteration of largely the same game is evidence that they don't need to take a year off. Now will we be miffed if it looks just like a MW2 expansion? Yes. So it's more important to make sure that next one differentiates itself a bit.

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