New Screenshots of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Ubisoft released 9 new screenshots of their upcoming PS3 title Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway.

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BUM5711d ago

yes, they are new (PS3)

TheMART5711d ago

But it's not only a PS3 title

It's on 360 also

BUM5711d ago

yes, but screenshots are PS3 - not X360

NIVEK5711d ago

The screens that were released for the 360 back last summer, looked exactly like these ; the lighting, textures, colors...everything was the same. So, it's safe to assume you could just as easily call these 360 screens, since there's nothing about these screens that verify which platform they're running on. Hell, IGN is notorious for using the same screens for all multiplatform games, if they look the same.

THAMMER15711d ago

They are not unique pictures.

Sorry, but I know the PS3 is being slammed in the press and buy real gamers everywhere but some PS3 fans are *so snobby. You just think because it is PS3 is automatically just top notch. Come ON MAN it is just games consoles show your self some respect and quit the snobby mine is better than yours KRAP.

dantesparda5711d ago

Wow! the jump that you just made is unbelievable. You're losing it man. PS3 fanboys are snobby? What the hell do you call what the 360 fanboys are? And the first guy said that these pics arent new, and the 2nd guy responded by saying that they are supposed to be PS3 pics and thats what makes them new, then that moron, TheMart responded by saying that its on the 360, and the 2nd dude responded back by saying, that no sh!t sherlock, he knows that, heck we all know that. Both you and Mart have jumped to big conclusions here. You people seem both jumpy and desperate now, and are starting to really not make sense anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.