Microsoft Flight Simulator Introduces the World’s Heaviest Aircraft, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya

Microsoft has been very active in bringing back historical aircraft at least in the virtual skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but today's release is special: the Antonov An-225 "Mriya" has just been made available.

All proceeds will go to Antonov to rebuild the real one.

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Bathyj93d ago

This might be an interesting game if it was on psvr2.

Why not just fast forward 5 years Microsoft and go full 3rd party? You're going to eventually.

CobraKai93d ago

That’s how I felt playing this. It’s missing out not being in vr.

Abriael93d ago

Only, it has full VR support.

Abriael93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

The sim has full VR support. Not being on your favorite piece of plastic doesn't make it less interesting.

Abriael93d ago

That's your personal issue.

CobraKai93d ago

Oh it’s a pc thing. No. I’m playing on Xbox. Unless there’s VR on Xbox I don’t know about