Atomic Heart's Female Robot Twin Looks a Lot Like Ukraine's Former Prime Minister

Atomic Heart has a female robot that looks extremely similar to a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, and it's not subtle.

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H9457d ago

Okay I will probably get misunderstood but that's just a hairstyle my first thought was Leia from Star Wars, politicians don't own rights to haircuts or anything, also said Prime Minister is aligned with Russia not the other way round, the way people on Twitter are taking it is like the studio turned an Ukrainian into a S*x slave out of spite

Abriael457d ago

This developer deserves all the flak it's getting. The game is also crap.

H9457d ago

You harm your case when you are including things that are hardly evidence like a haircut, focus on the important and impactful things

Abriael457d ago

No case has been harmed. There are plenty of signals here and there.

This without mentioning the disgusting, unironic soviet propaganda that permeates the whole game.

neutralgamer1992456d ago

Why this whole war is nonsense and it seems Ukraine had other options but chose to lose a lot of it's land and have it's people killed. Our tax money is going there when our yes our own people are sleeping under the bridges and inflation is making our lives harder

Ukraine should have taken the deal offered last year through UN where Russia wanted assurance that Ukraine won't join NATO. Not my words but words of European union members, 112 billion euros have been spent and sent as an aid

So please leave game developers out of this

These developers have delivered what they promised and with patches will make game better

MadLad456d ago

It's definitely no Star Citizen.

anast456d ago

@ Abriael 19 closet Zeders downvoted you. You have my upvote.

@Nuetral Gamer Fighting for the right to exist is not nonsense. Actually it makes sense for every country that has had to do something similar.

EvertonFC456d ago

Go captain fanny 😂😂

neutralgamer1992456d ago


Did you miss the part where I said this could have ended last year?

Please define winning here?

How many more lives
How many more billions
How much more destruction
How much more inflation

Ukraine had already lost major chunks of land to Russia and Russia won't stop. India, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many others have done non stop business with Russia since this war started. Many of them didn't even condemned this war. They are buying and selling in local currencies

Don't involve emotions into this. Sanctions haven't helped and won't help. Europe has already suffered with not dealing with Russia. Maybe instead of watching national news instead watch some world wide news

In April there was a deal through UN where Russia would have left Ukraine in return for a guarantee that Ukraine won't join nato. So when you said defending their freedom yeah sure keep believing that

I have a video to back up all my claims but N4G doesn't let us share MP4 videos

staticall456d ago

Now it's «Zeders», before it was antivaxxers, before that what, trumpers?.. You can disagree with others without putting derogatory labels on them, you do know that, right? It's like people love to divide themselves. I believe, Lincoln said «A house divided against itself cannot stand». Felt like it was worth it to remind you.

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z2g456d ago

not a good look, all things considered - especially after the racist cartoon drama on top of it. for those saying "i'm not gonna bring politics into my gaming" well... the gaming just brought politics to you in a not very subtle metaphor.

Strange99456d ago

Hairstyles on robots is not politics.

FortWaba455d ago

In Soviet Russia, games bring politics you!

RavageX456d ago

So...what? Is the game good? How about we talk about that?

akuarius87456d ago

Its a good game, the visuals are amazing, the combat is fun, the music is awesome, but no, everyone must say game is bad because of my own agenda.

PaulFiend456d ago

@neutral no dictator would decide Ukraine's fate, only it's people have the right to decide what and when they decide to join to.

alexkarkar456d ago

She owns the rights to this hairstyles? Nazis and their sycopants are getting desperate.

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