Windows 7 Beta Damages Some MP3

It is probably fair to say that the Windows 7 builds that have been floating around on the Internet are very stable and that only a handful of minor errors have been reported yet. According to Neowin the latest two builds of Windows 7 that leaked to the Internet may damage mp3 files under certain circumstances.

The problem was first recognized by users who noticed that the first few seconds of their mp3 files had been cut off. Some thought it was related to bad crossfading first but it soon turned out that the data was not there anymore. Many users thought it was caused by Windows Media Player 12 but it turned out to be a global problem.

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TheIneffableBob4200d ago

Interesting. Good thing I put my music on a separate partition.

vdesai4199d ago

It does not matter if its on a diffrent partition if the new WMP modifies the tags of the MP3s it will (might?) change the size.

thereapersson4200d ago

And you always do your research before you download something.


darkequitus4199d ago

Yes stuff the torrest downloads. I will wait foir the oublic beta this month

Fishy Fingers4199d ago

Good thing that the beta isn't publicly available then. Beta builds are unfinished work, if you pirate a copy then have problems it's nobodies fault but your own.

My stolen beta build corrupts my stolen MP3's....

Graphics Whore4199d ago

Hm, feels like a failsafe almost.

vdesai4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Don't give the MPAA/RIAA any ideas about how to stop piracy, looks like Microsoft made it their task to take care of these "no good" pirates.

Megatron084199d ago

I'm goin to agree with fish on this. You illegal download some program that isnt even ready for open beta testing and your just asking for trouble

SCThor4199d ago

Is better than windows xp and vista, everything loads quicker, sleek GUI,the task bar is a BIG improvement like the search option(I dont miss RUN anymore).

But even with all that, I prefer Firefox for browsing(just like Im doing right now) and Winamp for playing music, VLC covers my video playback needs.

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Viper74199d ago

This is just the reason why they have beta testing, to get this stuff fixed. Bad thing for those testers who have oversized libraries of MP3:s on their computer though :/

uie4rhig4199d ago

and i havent checked it, but it seemed fine.. meh.. hopefully they're not broken !!

LostCypher114199d ago

I've noticed some of my tracks Skip now that i'm using Windows 7. But when i play those same tracks back using my XP boot they play just fine

vdesai4199d ago

Again its only if WMP modifies the tags of the file Make sure you guys turn off Auto tagging :)

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