Why Republic Commando Needs a Sequel

Star Wars: Republic Commando, a tactical first-person shooter game released in 2005, was a unique addition to the Star Wars gaming universe. It was a game that allowed players to experience the story of Delta Squad, an elite group of clone commandos fighting in the Clone Wars.

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MadLad213d ago

I'd definitely be interested. Love the original.

cl1983213d ago

Being that EA now holds the publishing rights to any Star Wars games, I don't expect it ever happen.

PhillyDillyDee212d ago

Not exactly mr current affairs are you?

mkis007212d ago

Not as of now. Ubisoft, aspire, and quantic dream all have announced projects. Disney switched to a sublicensing model. So anyone can make a game of they approve.

Sciurus_vulgaris213d ago

I don’t think a sequel will ever happen. However, I think Delta Squad will eventually have a significant appearance in the animated Bad Batch series.

MrChow666212d ago

This game was surprisingly good

ZeekQuattro212d ago

The Bad Batch would work great this style of game.

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LG_Fox_Brazil38d ago

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, 5 players co-op missions in a Hitman style where you have to achieve your goal and has multiple options on how to approach it, stealth or guns blazing. I would buy it day one

Becuzisaid38d ago

The problem with that is whoever would get stuck with Omega would ruin any attempts at stealth since she just can't STFU

CrimsonWing6938d ago

Why not a sequel? Like, Y’know, having the original and then something brand new?

Becuzisaid38d ago

Make me an elite trooper of the 501st who hunts Jedi. That's it. No Jedi in the game except for your mission targets. No lightsabers like every other game. Just a good soldier following orders. No moral dilemma or switching sides after a mission or two, just pure carnage for the Empire. Then disposed of at the end of the game for the new storm troopers.


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gurp196d ago

love all of the classic star wars games

The3faces196d ago

Had a blast playing Kotor when it first released can't wait for the remake to drop.

Terry_B196d ago

urgh..that website design is as ugly as possible. bad colors.


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ClosetRebel199d ago

The golden age of Star Wars games.