Firewall Ultra uses Unreal Engine 5 to evolve the VR shooter franchise on PlayStationVR2

First Contact Entertainment talks about using PlayStation®VR2 and Unreal Engine 5 to craft its evolved squad-based shooter, Firewall Ultra.

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SullysCigar101d ago

It looks SO much better. Firewall: Zero Hour was a nice looking game anyway.

I can't wait to see what these guys have come up with relating to PSVR2 features. With it being exclusive, they should be able to utilise not just the PSVR2, but the PS5 to it's fullest extent.

I had two issues with the first game, which was otherwise one of my favourite all-time VR games; matchmaking taking too long and it needed more modes. Both of these issues have been addressed, according to First Contact Entertainment, so everything else is gravy!

Guaranteed day one game.

crazyCoconuts101d ago

I'm looking forward to this the most. I enjoyed the first game more than Pavlov on the Rift.

Dagexon100d ago

Firewall was what made me a believer in VR. One of my all time favourite multiplayer games now. Same as you I mainly just wanted working matchmaking for the sequel. As a fan of splinter cell spies vs mercs all of this talk about having light and dark gameplay is making me super excited beyond what I was expecting

ApocalypseShadow101d ago

It's going to look so good and has that Sony backing. Loses a little without Aim though.

Eonjay101d ago

Oh right I almost forgot the Visual Arts Group is assisting with this project. This is gonna be top tier.

SullysCigar101d ago

On PC games, some people use 3D printed gun stocks. I'll look into if ay are available once we have a date for Firewall Ultra.

I'm half expecting Sony to release a cheap, click in, click out gun stock, knowing that many OG PSVR owners will be missing the AIM controller. Maybe it could attach with magnets to the Sense controllers, like the chargers do, so that you can just quickly twist of, make a hand gesture and put it straight back for combat.

purple101100d ago

“No longer do you need additional peripherals, we have developed a brand-new concept for aim down sights (ADS) which mimics and improves on the familiar 2D functionality for ADS. It's so natural, you often don't even realize what is happening behind the scenes to make it feel so good.“

Maybe not then ?

SullysCigar100d ago

^ That doesn't prevent 3D printing a snap-on stock. I'll decide for myself on a game-by-game basis whether I want to use it or not, because all games play differently. It's so cheap to do, so why not try?

Eonjay101d ago

Pretty impressive stuff. Real time lighting and the new pipeline will increase detail dramatically.

Phoenix76101d ago

Wonder if everyone will be playing as Texas again 🤔 lol

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